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February 13, 2018

7 Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for 2018

We already have handful games for 2018 with games which are hitting switch already celeste and lost sphear. But, Nintendo switch gamers have great news made in latest Nintendo direct there are more upcoming Nintendo switch games.

Upcoming Nintendo games like Donkey Kong, country: tropical freeze, dark souls: remastered and Hyrule warriors: definitive edition, and some brand new titles like Mario tennis aces and EA’S FE. So, we have searched the best 10  Nintendo switch games for you.

So here is the list of 7 best upcoming Nintendo Switch games :-)

1. Longest Five Minutes

Release date: February 13, 2018
Genre: RPG

The longest five minutes is all about to defeat the boss in the battle, when you finally made it to big bad boss battle but you have forgotten everything: all of your unique moves, where you belong to and why are you fighting the boss in first place.

A chance to Experience the world with fresh eyes with a haunted past a way to give a protagonist this is timeworn JRPG trope- amnesia.

You will get subconscious, relearning your past through flashbacks, and finally reclaiming power you need to win from the evil once and for all from, the choices you made during the battle.

2. Bayonetta 2

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for 2018

Release date: February 16, 2018
Genre: action

Get Bayonetta 2 on the switch this February, the witch with the killer hair is back with the stunning visuals of jaw-dropping battles. the game is fun even if you had played it already.

And get a free copy of original Bayonetta to download from a shop if you get Bayonetta 2 in the new year.Bayonetta 2 is great Nintendo switch game of 2018.

if you want to play an action switch game then go for Bayonetta 2.

3. FE

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for 2018

Release date:  February 16, 2018
Genre: Platformer

In FE  Nintendo switch game you have to wander through the forest by singing to bring it back to life who is a strange little sprite.

You have to master the array of cries and sing to speak to different animals and plants through your journey in order to utilize their distinct abilities and attributes to reach new areas.

With the singing, you also have to solve the mystery of silent ones on the way too. The FE Nintendo switch game looks gorgeous.

4. Layers of Fear: Legacy

Release date: TBC 2018
Genre: first-person horror

This switch horror game is the story of a mentally ill painter who used to live in a mansion which keeps changing and whose task is to complete magnum ops.

Dare your help to paint a true masterpiece of fear? A layer of fear is a first-person horror game with a focus on story and exploration. Explore into the mind of the mad painter and find out the secret of is madness.

Uncover the visions, horrors, and fears along the walk through a vast and constant changing Victorian-era mansion.

5. Payday 2

Release date: February 23, 2018
Genre: action

Payday 2 is coming to ninety's latest console is the last minute surprise announcement for twitch gamers. With four men crew which is with the help of three friends rob the bank together and get paid for it.

This upcoming Nintendo switch game is all about good teamwork and you have to cooperate each other to succeed, play with a various crew where various types of skills and perks are used and different weapons too.

6. Kirby Star Allies

Release date: March 16, 2018
Genre: Platformer

From last six year, Kirby did not launch any adventure game for Nintendo. But now finally Kirby announce best adventure game with wonderful gameplay.

In this upcoming Nintendo Switch game, you will enjoy enemy-sucking and power-stealing gameplay this year. As we all know that graphics of this game series are HD so it will be double fun.

You can also enjoy company on your team with three additions Al or player-controlled character to solve puzzles and complete missions.

7. Nintendo Labo

Release Date: April 20, 2018
Genre: Cardboard

There is a Nintendo Labo kit which is also known as Toy-Cons, Do You Get It?- an upcoming game of Nintendo switch is different now because you will enjoy cardboard gaming this time.

In this Nintendo’s upcoming game, you can build your own RC cars and motorbikes to robot monsters.

The best thing you will enjoy is that how wonderful little kits will look together when you combine it with software.

Over To You:

So these were the 7 best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games That We Can’t Wait To Play In 2018 you must play/download in 2018.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are your favourite Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games That We Can’t Wait To Play In 2018 from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any game for all platforms ? Do let me know in the comments below.

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