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February 24, 2018

Popular Facebook Games 2018

Hello people.

Nowadays people used to spend most of the time on social media. Mostly people use facebook for connecting people, chat with them, watching video or images on it.

New trend start with facebook games. There are lots of facebook games available that you can play from your mobile, PC, and laptop. These games are normal and simple but addictive.

People spend most of the time playing these facebook games. After so much research, here I will tell you the most popular facebook games that people never get rid of.

So here is the list of Best Facebook Games 😊

1. Candy Crush Saga

Popular Facebook Games 2018
Popular Facebook Games 2018

This facebook game is very popular facebook game to play. This facebook game is most popular game on facebook. Level by level you will face tough tasks to complete but it’s very addictive.

This facebook game is based on puzzle in which you have to complete all candies and make require score in given moves and lives. If you need extra moves or lives then you must pay.

There are 100 million downloads of this game which you can play whenever you want. Graphics of candy crush saga are awesome and best thing is that you can even challenge your friends to overtake your level.

2. Farm Heroes Saga

Popular Facebook Games 2018

After huge success of candy crush saga facebook game, the same maker created this facebook game in which you enjoy rescuing Farm Island with the help of farm heroes.

This is also puzzles based game with different functionalities and different moves from candy crush saga. You have to stop Raccoon and Rancid from spoiling your precious farm.

You can enjoy carrot crunching and strawberry switching to save precious farm island. Graphics make this game more beautiful and smooth controls will make you addictive to this facebook game.

3. Pet Rescue Saga

Popular Facebook Games 2018

Another super hit facebook game from same maker of candy crush saga and farm heroes’ saga. In this game you have to rescue pet from kidnapper by matching two or more block with same colour.

In this completely free to play game, you will get limited moves to solve puzzles. So think of the pet and plan very carefully to rescue. You can enjoy this game with friends too.

4. Trivia Crack

Popular Facebook Games 2018

There are six different categories in this facebook game which are Entertainment & Sports, Geography, History, Science, Technology and Art & Literature.

In this facebook game, you have to choose character from these categories. You spin the wheel and spin wheel decide that on which category’s question you have to answer when it stop.

5. Dragon City

Popular Facebook Games 2018

This facebook game is also very popular facebook game which has 10 million players worldwide. The animation of the game is wonderful and gameplay of this game is very addictive.

In this facebook game, you have to build magial world in dragon city where can have 100 of dragons and you have to breed them so they can be level up and become Dragon Master.

6. Bubble Witch 2 Saga

Popular Facebook Games 2018

Another facebook game from maker of candy crush saga. In this facebook game, you have to help Stella and her cats to stop drak spirit from destroying their lands by bursting bubbles.

You will enjoy wonderful and exciting adventure while you bursting bubble in this facebook game. Even you can win new levels by winning. Smooth control let you play it like pro.

7. 8 Ball Pool

Popular Facebook Games 2018

Do you like Pool game? This is most popular and best facebook game for Pool Game lover. This game produced by Miniclip which you can play with your friends online and challenge them.

There are more than 10 million download of this facebook game. The best thing about this game is you can play in tournament with live players. You can play this free facebook game offline too.

8. FarmVille 2

Popular Facebook Games 2018

In this facebook game, you can create your fantasy farm in beautiful 3D world with awesome animals and crops with the help of your friends. This facebook game is totally free which you can play anytime you want.

You can compete with 10 million people that whose farm is more beautiful. Graphics and animation of this facebook game are wonderful.

9. Cookie Jam

Popular Facebook Games 2018

There are 5 million people worldwide play this facebook game every day. This facebook game is totally free to play game. if you want to enjoy fun with challenge then this game is for you.

In this facebook game, you set on puzzle adventure while you travelling to bakery. Here you find out mouth watering pastries which you have to crunch before they crumble.

10. Criminal Case

Popular Facebook Games 2018

If you like detective base facebook game then this game is for you. With the help of hidden objects, you have to solve the murder mysteries in this facebook game.

You can use currency which provide by this game to perform various tasks. You can also solve puzzles to find hidden objects.

Play CriminalCase Now

Over To You:

So these were top 10 best Facebook Games of all time. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Which Facebook Game you like the most from the above list? OR which game you are going to download and play it first?

Do let me know in the comments below.

Did I missed your favourite Facebook Game in the above list? Do mention that game in the comments below and I will add it in the list.

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