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February 09, 2018

Best Shooting Games For PC 2018

I already told you about best offline games in shooting games category. You can check out best offline shooting games for Android and best offline shooting games foriPhone here.

After playing many first person shooting games on PC, Here i find out top 10 shooting games which you dont want to miss!

So here is the list of best shooting games for PC :-)

1. Overwatch

Best Shooting Games For PC
Best Shooting Games For PC

If you want to play totally exciting and gorgeous game in singleplayer mode and multiplayer mode with fast-paced shooting and awesome action then try this game today.

There are so many characters available in this shooting game from which you can choose your hero with outstanding and variety of uniqueness.

If you want to be robot-ninja or Russian champion with gravity gun, just go for it. Wonderful graphics with beautifully rendered background and sound effects will make you addictive to it.

2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Best Shooting Games For PC

This shooting game is the classic and competitive game last year. This is a part of most famous and popular series Counter Strike. This shooting game for PC always comes with better improvement every time.

The best thing about this shooting game is it comes with new maps and new weapons. There is new weapon purchase system in every part of this shooting game.

With awesome battle background and high quality graphics, paying this game is fun with friends or online. I personally recommend that must play this game. Do not miss it.

3. Doom    

Best Shooting Games For PC

If you like to kill all of the demons then start playing this game. This shooting game is old school mechanics game which gives you current generation coat of paint and violence.

This shooting game is perfect for people who want non-stop action. Do you love killing demons with awesome shotgun? This shooting game is perfect for new or old levels which are unforgiving.

Take my personal advice that don’t take it as a fun, take it seriously else your ego will be crushed under demon’s force. Graphics are wonderful and you will love controls of the game.

4. Titanfall 2

Best Shooting Games For PC

This shooting game is totally about full of excitement in which you fight with robots. In this you will play as pilot of Titan in which you have to ride it and serves as Al champion and robbo-buddy.

This shooting game will give you total satisfaction of combo and combat in which you can also enjoy navigating wide open levels and the mixtures of agile pilot.

If you can complete genuinely single player mode then you can give Titan to other pilot and fight with other player real time in multiplayer mode in this shooting game.

The game play of this shooting game is very fast and awesome. You will love sound effects of robot killing and definitely enjoy this shooting game in HD graphics.

5. Left 4 Dead 2

Best Shooting Games For PC

If you are a fan of killing zombies with help of other players then this is the one 
of the best first person shooting game that you should play. In this, you will fight with zombies and survive with 3 other players.

Don’t play it for just fun because this shooting game is real tough. In this shooting game, there are different attacking strategies of each zombie. This game is for people who dare.

Playing this game in high definition graphics device with good sound output is too much fun. You will go to enjoy cutting and shooting of flesh and blood in this shooting game.

6. Prey

Best Shooting Games For PC

For this shooting game, I can say that it is really awesome. This shooting game is science fiction game in which you will find your-self in space station called 
Talos 1.

In Talos 1, a rabid alien race has taken controls that have multiple abilities to transforming themselves into any objects and existence from which you have to survive.

In this shooting game, you have to investigate the alien space station and find out the secret of their transformation. In short I can say, this shooting game for PC is challenging.

7. Super Hot

Best Shooting Games For PC

If you enjoy killing bunch of people with your stylish way then this shooting game is for you. This is the most innovative shooting game since mouse look.

Here you can pay with both wanted guns and matrix guns in your style. The controls of the game are wonderfully set and graphics of this game are amazing.

This shooting game is sinister shooter in which if you try to move then super ultra hot red people will coming after you. You can also play this game in VR box and believe me, “It is amazing experience”.

8. Borderlands 2

Best Shooting Games For PC

This maniac is the open world first shooter game in which you will find your-self in to wild and endless adventure of Pandora. You can use different weapons from the bonkers.

You will like the story line of this game and you will enjoy playing with unique characters with different skills. This is one of the few shooter games in list that support player co-op mode.

This shooting game is awesome first person shooting game with wonderful graphics and background. You can enjoy playing this game in multiplayer mode too.

9. Devil Daggers

Best Shooting Games For PC

Before I tell you anything, I must say that this is endless wave shooting game. It is aesthetic nightmare dream in PS1 with one weapon in one hand stretching out in front of you and lots of skulls.

This shooting game is true combination of dodge, run, shooting ability and survive. Even if this is second last in list but you will enjoying blowing skulls with your skills.

Graphics are good but you will definitely enjoy sound effects of shooting skulls. Controls are easy so you can play this game very easily. Don’t distract and stay focus in order to survive.

10. Bulletstorm

Best Shooting Games For PC

This is another science fiction foul-mouthed shooting game on a beautiful alien planet in which you will play as mouthed bounty hunter Grayson Hunt.

Here you will blow up enemies with inventing ways in different arenas. This 
First person shooting game is combination of wonderful spectacle and fun.

Watching background in high graphics make you fall in love with this game. With great sound effects and easy controls, anyone can be addctive to this shooting game.

Over To You:

So these were the best shooting games for PC you must download today.

I hope you loved reading this article :)

Which are your favourite PC shooting game from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you want to add any new/more best shooting games for PC in the above list? Do let me in the comments below.

Let’s make this post the world’s best shooting games for PC. So one can find shooting games very easily :)

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