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February 07, 2018

Best Racing Games Of 2017: Which You Can Play In (2018 As Well)

Hello Gamer,

After Playing So many racing games, here I find out best racing games of last year. We all know 2017 was wonderful year for racers but amongst all racing games, I found 10 best racing games of 2017.

If people ask me about best offline games to play in free time, I will quickly tell them racing games because you have to focus on only one thing that “Anyhow Win This Race”.

Here is the list of Best Racing Games of 2017 😊

1. F1 2017  

Best Racing Games
Best Racing Games

Before I told you about this game, we already know that F1 2016 was the most popular game of 2016. This time, Codemasters’ F1 2017 is also on top in racing games category.

F1 2017 is the best racing games of 2017 with improvement in graphics and new sound effects. In this you will have more fun than before with classic F1 cars and smooth controls.

Judging upon people vote, F1 2017 is the best racing games of 2017. The new addition and customization features make it wonderful game of the last year.

2. Project Cars 2

Best Racing Games

I must say that this racing games is best racing games as per me and even as per public voting, this racing games almost near to the top spot with 17.5 percent voting.

In this Racing Games, you can build up your own dream garage with lots of car and customize them in beautifully rendered graphics which is amazing.

You can enjoy different type of racing with most iconic cars like Porsche 926C and Ferrari F40 LM. With this cars I must say that you will never left challenging others.

3. DiRT 4

Best Racing Games

As we all know Codemasters’ DiRT was slightly side track with tough and realistic adrenaline pumping but DiRT 4 return with the improvement in fast racing with no driving skill require.

This game is like “I drive because I enjoy it”. This racing games is best racing games of 2017 with less challenging gamer mode but more realistic simulation mode which welcomes new comers.

With 14.7 percent voting DiRT 4 is the most popular racing game of 2017 with high quality graphics and wonderful sound effects. The best thing about this game is “Gear Up and Go”.

4. Gran Turismo Sport

Best Racing Games

Sometimes I wonder that how this racing game manages to come on 4th place with 14.4 public voting because this game is not available for PC and Xbox.

After waiting of many years, this game comes up with more realistic handling and better graphics to catch your attention with every detail than ever before.

This time, Developer of this racing game focused on online play. But I can say that it is not surprise for us that why it is on the 4th place. Go check out this game and you will know.

 5. Forza Motorsport 7

Best Racing Games

From a long time, this racing game series delivering big budget experience which don’t even match with many other games. This is the best part amongst all.

This best racing game is full package of wonderful graphics, awesome back ground, realistic car driving, perfect weather conditions and beautiful handling especially in Xbox One X.

If we go in details, this time developers remove on screen wheel steering which we wanted from long time. So here you can enjoy real-life wheel too. This game comes on 5th rank with 10.5 percent voting.

6. WRC 7

Best Racing Games

When it comes to rally fan, I must say that DiRT 4 may have been dominating but this racing game of 2017 was competing it with 9.7 percent public voting.

This is the official game of FIA World Rally Championship. In this racing game, Developers Kylotonn paid more attention on making it more intense driving experience.

Here I have to add that, Cars are more realistic then before and challenging environments have paid dividends. Graphics are wonderful and you will love sound tracks of this racing game.

7. Need For Speed Payback

Best Racing Games

This racing game is one of the best racing games of 2017 year as per my opinion. This racing game is the latest part of Need For Speed racing game series.

This game is different than before with block-buster storyline and hyper-focused car culture with missions. There are plenty of cool cars which you can customize.

In this car racing game 2017, you can explore massive world, enjoy different cars and customization of your cars and wonderful graphics. With 5.6 percent vote, it deserves to be in top ten racing games.

8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Best Racing Games

Mario Kart 8 deluxe is one of the best realistic Codermasters simulations released last year which is still in demand wit good graphics quality and too much fun in it.

This is one of the best hardcore racing game in which you play as the return of Plucky Plumber and his mates on the Nintendo and it will be more addictive on Wii U.

This game manages to come on top ten best racing games category with 3.8 percent public voting. I recommend you that must play this game in Wii U once.

9. Gear.Club

Best Racing Games

There are best racing games as per different platform of playing those games like if you have PS4 then Gran Turismo on top, If you have Xbox One then Forza on top and if you have Nintendo’s Switch then this is best.

Even though, Nintendo’s Switch started with just mobile games but here you can see that this car racing game offering you stunning visuals and awesome handling with great technological improvements.

With 2.3 percent of voting, this game manage to be in top ten listing with old school racing styles which you can play offline and even in online multiplayer mode.

10. WipeOut Omega Collection

This car racing game is worth playing and it stays o top ten listing with 1.3 percent public voting. There are many improvements if you compared to original game which released decades ago.

This racing game is realistic fun in which you can enjoy racing in high speed action and wonderful graphics. it will take you to the 1995 playstation’s racing games.

There are loads of tracks available in this game. You can choose youre racers from several racers. You can enjoy this game in 4k with HDR visuals in this WipeOut Omega Collection.

Over To You:

So these were the 10 best racing games of last year that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are your best racing games from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best racing/no wifi racing game ? Do let me know in the comments below.

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