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February 23, 2018

All time Favourite Marvel Comics Games

There are many Marvel Games which are all time favourite as per public voting. You can be your favourite superhero and use your favourite superpower on all platforms.

As I can say “The great power comes with great responsibility”.

Marvel’s spider man series for PS4 is very famous and new part is coming this year. I played many Marvel games and gather list of best Marvel games that you can play.

So here is the list of Best Marvel Games 😊

1. Spider - Man 2 (2004)

All time Favourite Marvel Games
All time Favourite Marvel Games
This Marvel Comic game is the best spider man game of all time till date I can say that because when you play this game, you will feel everything real around you.

In this Marvel Comic game, you will definitely enjoy combat and web swinging in high quality graphics and crystal clear sound effects. You will fight with many villains but you will enjoy that too.

The game play is totally based on Sam Raimi’s film and you will enjoy super adventure in World. I can say that don’t miss this action and adventure game if you are Marvel Comic fan.

2. The Punisher (2005)

All time Favourite Marvel Games

This Marvel Comic game received only adults rating because there are extreme level of violence and terrible torture scenes. “What else do you expect from The Punisher? “

The main part of game is an interrogation in which you will play as The Punisher and you will interrogate suspects to complete your mission in this Marvel Comic game.

Graphics of this game are wonderful and you will surely enjoy interrogating thug by putting trigger on their head, crashing their skull in to tank, drill press someone’ skull and cutting their skins.

3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006)

All time Favourite Marvel Games

This awesome game by Marvel Comic let you play with 23 Marvel super heroes 
and 16 other system exclusive. I can say that this is next logical step from X-Men Legends Series.

In the sequel of the game they cut the character like Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer and Ghost Rider to Green Goblin, Penance, and songbird which were confusing move by them.

In this Marvel Comic game you will enjoy travelling to many places like Atlantis, Asgard, Valhalla, the Valley of Spirits and many more. You can also  

4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

All time Favourite Marvel Games

What a wonderful game as per my review. I can tell you guys that this Marvel Comic game is far better than movie which is first time ever happened in video game history.

The game is so much M-rated fun with lots of brutality in it. The main mission of the game is to survive and throw the bad guy away who will try to kill you.

Controls of the games are very smooth. Graphics quality and sound effect are awesome which will let you enjoy this game as Wolverine. Don’t stop fighting if you want to live.

5. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (2005)

All time Favourite Marvel Games

To be honest, when you will play this Marvel Comic game and believe me you will be like “This is the game what Hulk game should be and this is the best ever Hulk Game”.

This title suit this game in which you will play as Hulk and you will fight with tons of enemies but you will enjoy fighting with throwing tanks on them, taking down fighter jet and don’t miss HULK SUPER PUNCH.

There are lots of creative moves in this game. Graphics of the game are good and boos battles are tough yet addictive. So what are you waiting for guys, Use cars as hand gloves and start fighting with enemies today.

6. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes (2000)

All time Favourite Marvel Games

This Marvel game is not only the one of the best Marvel game but it is the one of the best fighting game too. Capcom is master company of making fighting game and many of you already have played its Street Fighter.

There are awesome combat system in this game and whenever you will punch opponents with your ultimate power, your screen will be like top to bottom power and it will make you feel like real superhero.

You can enjoy this game with 56 massive character from which you can choose your favourite superhero. With smooth controls and good graphics, I can say that “Don’t miss This Game”.

7. X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse (2005)

All time Favourite Marvel Games

In this Marvel Comic game, you will enjoy teaming up with your superhero team and even evil mutants to stop and destroy the common enemy Apocalypse.

In this game you can also use help of non mutant like Iron Man and Deadpool. This RPG game is awesome and you will enjoy combat system and different powers of the mutants.

The graphics quality of the game is awesome. Practise this game like how to use your power perfectly against common enemy in smooth controls and then start playing.

8. Deadpool (2013)

All time Favourite Marvel Games

This game is totally M-rated and I can say that it earns that rating. With superhero landing, you will hack, smash and slash your thousands of opponents and shower your floor with bloods.

This is totally comedy game but you will find tragedy behind comedy in this Marvel Comic game. There are lots of Deadpool moves and ultimate combat system in this game.

Graphics are beautifully used in the game which will make it realistic. Sound effects are awesome and play it in full volume to enjoy Deadpool’s comedy. Smooth controls let you kill thousands enemies easily.

9. Marvel Heroes (2016)

All time Favourite Marvel Games

Previous part Of this Marvel Comic game which was launched in 2013 disappointed many fan with so much bugs, lack of story and no fun in playing the game.

This game comes again in market with lots of fun and great storyline. The online playing mode also includes which is amazing and will let you play it worldwide.

In this game you can choose over 60 superheroes with different power. You can patrol around the universe and protect it. You can also play one shot adventure like fighting with Ultron or Thanos.

10. Spider- Man: Shattered Dimensions (2010)

All time Favourite Marvel Games

This Marvel Comic game is wonderful and totally different than other spider-man series. This Spider-man game gives you something that other spider-man game did not and never will.

In this spider-man game, you can play as ultimate Black Spider-Man, Classic Spider-Man, Noir Spider-Man and even the best of all Spider-Man-2099. Storyline is also amazing of this game.

In this game you will travel through the multiverse and fight with variety of Spider-Man villains just to collect the mystical stones to protect the existence. Graphics are wonderful and space travel will be like “WOW”.

Over To You:

So these were top 10 best Marvel Comics games of all time. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Which game you like the most from the above list? OR which game you are going to download and play it first?

Do let me know in the comments below.

Did I missed you favourite Marvel Comics game in the above list? Do mention that game in the comments below and I will add it in the list.

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