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January 22, 2018

5 Racing Games To Watch In 2018

Car Racing Games are always exciting and competitive. Playing car racing game can reduce you from stress and change your mind to play, Race and beat them all.

I already told you about best car racing games for Android and iPhone 2017 that you must play. Here I will tell you best 5 racing games to watch in 2018.

Not only watch, I mean also play the best 5 upcoming car racing games for 
Android and iPhone. I will tell you the list of best upcoming car racing games which you can play in HD graphics and awesome effects.

2017 was the amazing year for racers. So what do you think of 2018? Do you think upcoming car racing games are better then car racing games of 2017?

You can check it here in advance in case if you want to check 5 bst games to watch in 2018 with features and gameplay.

Here is best 5 Racing Games to Watch in 2018:

1. Onrush

This car racing game is on most waiting which will be release this year of 2018. Last year Codemaster released brilliant games like Dirt 4 nd F1 2017 and both was hit of last year.

After 12 year of coding, this year Codemaster will try something bit different games than before. Generally they focus on reality but this time according to 
studio you will see action and gravity defying racing.

As a trailer of Onrush suggest, you will see ATV-style vehicles crunching at the time you slide down slops with snow, pulling 360 spins and bikers stunts with one hand like they are soar through the air.

This time they will not bring you only races but you will enjoy smashes others head and many objectives around the track in this car racing game 2018.

One more surprise 😊 that this game created by team who created PS Off-Road Racing Game Series Motorstrom.  So wait for this car racing game 2018 like me.

You can play this game in: PS, Xbox One, PC

2. The Crew 2

Another Car Racing Game most awaited game in 2018. This game will be launched in between April to September 2018. This game is more than just a car racing game.

In this upcoming car racing game, you can ride a Porsche 911, a Mazda RX7 and a maserati GrandTurismo but you will get behind pilot Zivko Edge 540 plane and DCB M31 boat that controls the game.

There are alos big branded bikes you can enjoy like Harley-Davidson, KTM and Ducati. You can swap bikes during races even without pressing pause button. What else do you want?

The map of this game is wonderful which covers best locations of USA. You can enjoy those locations in your free roam mode. There are also events in which you can take part.

The game play of this game is perfect and designed in a manner what we wanted from long time. Just Ubisoft need to fix bugs which was in first part honestly.

You can play this game in: PS, Xbox One, PC

3. TT Isle Of Man: Ride On The Edge

This bike racing game is releasing in March 2018. So tighten your seat, ready to accelerate and Get Set Go soon. This car racing game is real motorsports.

With mountain’s risky road and slopes, race are full speed by motorcyclist and many sports bikes, this game will be the most dangerous game of 2018.

In high dimensional graphics and great sound effects, you will enjoy this game soon. Even developer kylotonn try to cover rel thrill experience in this game.

You can play this game in: PS, Xbox One, PC

4. MX Vs ATV All Out

If you like to play different bike racing games then this one is perfect match. This vintage game series is full of action and releasing early in 2018.

In this upcoming racing game, you will put your motorbikes in race against ATV and UTV vehicles. So I can say that this racing game is bit challenging.

You can enjoy several competitions like stuck into, including Opencross, Supercross, and free style mode which will test your skills of stunts.

You can also enjoy this game online in multiplayer mode with 16 up to 16 players. If you are only two players then you can enjoy this in 2 players split screen mode.

You can play this game in: PS, Xbox One, PC

5. Gravel

I can say that this is the most awaiting game from racing game specialists company Milestone because they are not announcing about MotoGP or MXGP but they are focus on Gravel.

This game will ride you at full speed through dangerous tracks like forests, deserts, dunes and snowy mountains which will make you amazing offroad master.

This game is different from other milestone’s games because you will enjoy here arcade fun. Follow one rule in this game that you have to be first to win over 200+ events.

There are 3 types of events which are Cross County, Speed Cross and Stadium. According to head of this extreme game, this game will release on February 27.

You can play this game in: PS, Xbox One, PC

Over To You:

So these were the 5 best upcoming racing games you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are your best racing games to watch in 2018 from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best racing/no wifi racing game ? Do let me know in the comments below.

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