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January 25, 2018

Most Anticipated PS4 Exclusive Games of 2018

I must say that PS4 had lots of games and tons of triumphs in 2017, with platform exclusives games like Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn in gaining of critical acclaim and so many fans.

According to that, we can say that it is full of demanding ahead for Sony in 2018 with more other PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Check out the video above to get a look at some upcoming people favourite games or game series and their gameplay that's in store for the coming year 2018.

As we all know that many blockbuster games are releasing this year but I must say that as per public demands and reviews, Spider-Man will be one of the biggest upcoming games for the console in 2018.

Spider-Man will be the full packet of physics-defying action and adventure that will not disappoint fan of the series. You will love playing this game and swinging through skyscraper of NYC in HD graphics.

The most anticipated game in 2018 is God of War and it will be back with lots of action and battles. In this upcoming game of 2018, you will see Kratos to a land which is dominated by Nordic gods and monsters.

There is another epic title’s remake might be coming this year which will make you blush for a second and it is PS2's Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 4.

If you like playing Sci-Fi games then I know you are anticipating Detroit: Become Human and I am more than happy to tell you guys it is coming this year, too.

Detroit: Become Human is new project from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream. Even the director David Cage permit you to change the outcome of the story based on your choices during some scenes.

If you want to explore and know about the relationships between people and artificial intelligence where robots look exactly like humans and their sounds are also same then Detroit: Become Human best option of 2018.

Do you like playing horror games instead of playing action, adventure or Sci-fi? Then smile now because  Days Gone is coming this year too in which zombies dominated post-apocalyptic world.

Here is the list of many other PS4 exclusives games coming out in 2018 😊

1. Yakuza
2. Dissindia: Final Fantasy NT
3. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
4. Hacker’s Memory

Some PSVR games like:  

1. The Inpatient
2. Golem

There are many more Anticipated PS4 games coming this year but this are definate and in most trend.

Over To You:

So these were the Most Anticipated PS4 Exclusive games of 2018 you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are yourMost Anticipated PS4 Exclusive games series of 2018 from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any game for PS4 ? Do let me know in the comments below.

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