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January 04, 2018

Best Offline HD Games For Android 2018

Best Offline Games are the games what you can play without internet connectivity.

What you do if the game is online and you want to play? What will you do if you are traveling and you want to play but there is no network?

Today I will tell you about offline games with HD graphics for Android Users. Sounds cool? Isn’t it?

Here is the list of best HD games for Android 2018 :)

1. I, Gladiator

Best Offline HD Games For Android

This offline HD Game is one of the best offline games  2018. This game was paid last year but nowadays this game is totally free on Google Play Store. This will give you best combat experience
In this offline game 2018, you will have best offline graphics effect and gladiator combat. This offline game has best experience in outer space too.

If you want great graphics and sound effect in combat then must download it today and start the battle in space.

2. Shades Of Violet Demo

Best Offline HD Games For Android
This offline game is the awesome game because it takes you to the future in the game. If you people like playing Action based offline game then I think this is the best match.

People call this offline game one of a kind because this is the best movie game that is not developed on Android to date.
This game has awesome graphics that you must try. I insist you, people, that at least once download it and play it just for enjoying wonderful graphics of the game.
In short, this offline HD game is action based shooting game with HD graphics.

3. Captain Sabertooth Lama Rama

Best Offline HD Games For Android
This offline War game 2018 is the one of best pirate game. if you people like playing war game as pirates then must download this offline HD game 2018 today.
There are wonderful 3D graphics in this game that will make this game realistic. This game is developed from this movie that I have to say and if you like this movie then must play.

4. Heroes: Reborn Enigma

Best Offline HD Games For Android

This offline game is action based game on Android. I must tell you that you that you will enjoy this offline HD game with your heart's content. The game is a little bit difficult but you will like it.
In this offline game 2018, you can play 30 different level. Each level of Heroes Reborn Engima has different and tough difficulty. as you go high, your level of difficulty will be increased.

Your power will increase as difficulty increase so no need to worry. with good graphics, i can say that if you like an action based game then try this.

5. Zombie Fighting Champions

Best Offline HD Games For Android

The name tells itself. 
This offline HD game is a zombie based strategy game. here you can get two experience like making strategy and killing zombies. I must say that you guys will enjoy this strategy game.

The context of this offline game is wonderful I have to say that. This offline game set in the future. you can consider this game in RPG game too. So basically it will give you 3 different experience in one game.

In this offline game, you fight with the zombies by going to future to stop them coming to earth from future and stop them to erase human race.

6. Ridge Racer Slipstream

Best Offline HD Games For Android

This offline racing game is an excellent option amongst all offline racing game. a racer should download this game because they can race even while traveling.
This offline HD game 2018 has a 12-speed level in which you have to cross all the speed level in a time limit with your highest speed. This offline game contains 6 series in which it will offer you over 100 races.

In this offline game 2018, You can customize and build your own machine or vehicle. with best graphics, i must say that download this offline game today and take speedy experience.

7. Lost Echo

Best Offline HD Games For Android

This is a science fiction based game. Science people must play this game because this game offers you to play some minigames, puzzles and so many cute characters.
This offline game takes action in future. let's talk about graphics of the game. So the graphics of the game is amazing that once you play it and you will say it is realistic and sound effects will make it more real.

8. Dragon Finga

Best Offline HD Games For Android

Do you like Fighting Game?

This offline game is Kung -Fu based game. This Offline Game is one of the best offline HD game on Play Store.

if you like Fighting Games with Hd graphics, This game is for you. You can customize your function in this offline game. you can play it offline mode and if you wish then you can play it online too.

Try to beat opponents and comes on first in a leaderboard. Graphics are amazing and sound quality and sound effects of the game is good.

9. Android Unmechanical

Best Offline HD Games For Android

This is the one of the best puzzle game on Android. if you worry out which game to play offline on Android which need less attention, so try this game out once.

In this offline HD game, Graphics are really good. The controls of the game are very simple and well arranged. Even I can say that 3D graphics make it one of the best puzzle game in Android.

Don't complain about sound because it's puzzle game :)

10. Dream Puzzle

Best Offline HD Games For Android

No Wifi?
No Internet? 
No worry, This offline game don't need both of them.
In this Dream Puzzle, You will find your self-sliding left and right. this offline game offers you different games like maze puzzle game and matches 3 puzzles.

You can play this offline game whenever you want and wherever you are. This game will offer you bonus and gifts too.

Over To You:

So these were the best offline HD games for Android that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are other HD Games for Android from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best offline HD games/no wifi HD game for Android?
Do let me know in the comments below.

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