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January 05, 2018

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station 2018

Playing Best Offline Games in High Configure PC is fun.
Isn’t it?

Actually PC games on a big screen with good sound equipment, everyone loves playing HD games on it. You can also check best offline HD games for Android here.

What do you think?

Do you want to know that which Games You Can Play On PC with great graphics?

Before that, I must tell you here I will share you games for pc with ultra HD quality and 4k resolution in 1080p.
So you guys excited?

Here is the list of Best Graphics Game For PC :)

1. The Witcher 3

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station 

In this world, while people are still confused and arguing about Witcher 3 patch dialed down their Gae's Graphics and members of PC elite prove that it has best 4K Graphics.

This Graphic game took so much time in rendering and now it is in the market with High definition Graphics. Background of the game and architecture in a red sunlit field make us addictive to play.

The character of the game is beautifully animated that we can say it in one word "beautiful". This Hd game is one of the best graphics games we can say.

If you want to enjoy Action Game in HD 4k background and wonderful sound effects then do not wait for other people's review, download this best graphics game today.

2. Dirt Showdown

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station

One of the best arcade racing game for race I must say that. Tyres might be creaking a bit but this graphic game is for them who love to accept racing challenges.

The best thing about this racing game 2018 is destruction-derby style because it will pump your heart more in 4K quality. With heart beating sound effects of car engine I must say don't miss this race.

Codemasters racing series fan pointed out that DIrt 3 is the best game so this game will show them that it is over top-approach.

In this HD game, youre car's flame jet light up the tracks and you will be like " This is the best racing game". This game 2018 has great controls and beautiful customization mode.

3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station

As per my knowledge, There are 7 out of 10 people playing call of duty. This offline game is famous for shooting and the graphics of the game are very high with lovely background.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the latest part of Call Of Duty Series. This HD game aims to banish all memory texture and plagues its horrible ugly predecessor, Ghost.

This game launched after 3 years of hard work and now reaches the top of the best games. Playing this game in 4k is nothing but the wonderful experience because of its high texture, awesome character animation, and lovely weapons.

Download it today as fast as you can. this game is more fun in HD quality and you can enjoy it eye-popping in Oculus Rift.

4. Dishonored

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station

This HD game was nominated for "Best graphics" and "Best Art Style" awards when it launch. it was the best graphics game in 2012 with awesome artwork style and rich background.

This game is highly addictive that dunwall's retro-future industries moved to the new level of beautifully high dimensions gaming.

when you play this game, you will definitely admire its Orwellian-era buildings like hound pits hub and water effect of the game. Visuals in 4k prove that it is the best game for HD.

5. Dying Light

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station 

Day Light is the very highly detailed graphics game in which you need serious GPU power to play it smoothly. Once you start playing this game in 4K, You will find your self lost in zombie world.

Because of the graphics, This game looks very realistic that you can even smell the breath of zombies. In 4k, Backgrounds of the game are very scary that you will see the blood of zombies from their rotten body.

Protecting people from the roof and watching them extract from the army and even watching burning car and plotting your escape from zombies make you feel so real.

6. Tomb Raider

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station 

Do you wait to play Rise of Tomb Raider?

The visuals of the current game are not that much bad to pass the time I must say that.

In this Graphic game, Lighting effect is beautifully inserted that will light up the Shadow of hair texture which is more lovely than any shampoo commercials.

The hidden detail of Tomb Raider and background will fall you in love with the game and even with Lara.

7. Star Wars: Battlefront

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station

Star Wars: Battlefront is war simulator. This game's simulator without the heart I must say that. EA's One of the best game I agree that because shooting visuals of the game are perfect.

What I mean to say about this game is it will give you real experience from the forest of Endor's Leafy to snow-capped mountains, this game looks perfect in all the manner.

Controls of the game are appropriate and the background is highly detailed. with great sound effects, there is no other Star Wars game can compete it.

8. Fifa 16

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station

Are you sports games fan?
Do you like Fifa?
This game is perfect with heavy graphics that you must try.

This game is developed in perfect k pixels. While you play this game, you can feel like you are playing a real football game. With great commentary, you can enjoy this game on HD monitors or 4K tv.

In sports, This is the best game developed by EA. The installation of the game is very easy and controls are very smooth.

Soi suggest, Start playing it now and be the champion of FIFA.

9. FallOut 4

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station

This Game is most anticipated and now its launched with great graphics that it will need a minimum 1GB graphics card to play smoothly on your computer. This game series is super hit because of its gameplay.

In this game, you really feel what actual 4k is? beautifully created character you must start playing this game. You can customize controls of the game and play it like a mission.

you can enjoy this game with 5.1 channel speaker in 1080p Monitor. backgrounds are classy as a character. "Don't miss this game"- I can say this only to you.

10. Mortal Combat X

Best Graphics Games For PC and Play-Station 

Mortal Combat X is one of the best graphics game in a fighting game or one-on-one combat game. The effects and visuals are in detailed that you will enjoy fighting with opponents.

You will blush at every moves like skull crushing, ribcage-snapping, and gouging. with the great sound effects of fighting it will maintain your interest in the game.

You will definitely need High-end graphics card to enjoy the depth of blood, texture quality of bloom, particle density, and slow motion moves effect.

I insist that this game will take you to another level of combat that you were wishing to play.

Download this Game before anyone else give you review.

Over To You:

So these were the best HD graphics games for PC that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are other HD Games for PC from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best HD games/no wifi HD game for PC?
Do let me know in the comments below.

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