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January 12, 2018

Best Gameloft Games for Android 2018

As we all know that Gameloft’s offline games for Android are in trending in Play Store and reaching to the maximum level of popularity. Not Only Play Store but Gameloft’s offline games for iPhone are also trending in App Store also.

As I told you many times that playing best offline game is fun and Gameloft is one of the best games making companies who always come up with the games with good graphics and smooth controls which generally love by people.

Gameloft is best at Mking Racing Games like we all know Asphalt 8: Airborne is very famous car racing game developed by Gameloft.

If you also want to enjoy RPG Games then I prefer Gameloft’s RPG because its worth trying.

So Here Is the List of Best Gameloft’s Games for Android

1. Age of Sparta

Best Gameloft Games for Android

Spartan is very popular movie that I can say many people of you already know about this game. This Gameloft’s offline game is strategy game. In this game you are hero ori can say you are playing as Spartan.
The Gameplay of this gameloft’s game is to unite ancient Greece to protect the land from armies which led by the tyrant Xerxes as we seen this already in the movie. 
In this game you can unite your armies and use strategic attack to defeat hordes of armies. The best thing about this game is you can use devastating power when you summon the Gods.

2. Brothers in Arms 3

Best Gameloft Games for Android
Do you guys ever played third-person World War 2 shooter game?

This is one of the best gameloft’s games that you must try because if you are fan of World War 2 then you can play this third part in continuation Brothers in Arms 3. 
In this game what you have to is command the squad of brave soldiers. In this game, you will fight together with squad in the events following the invasion of Normandy.

There are many weapons that you can unlock in this game and when you headshot the enemies, you can check it in cool little killcam. 

Download Brothers In Arms 3

3. Ice Age Adventures

Best Gameloft Games for Android
If you are big fan of ice age movie series then I insist that must download this game. In this Gameloft’s game your adventure continues with Diego, Manny and all other animated lovable characters.
As you start playing this game, you will definitely enjoy arctic landscaping and battling other legend enemies who try to stop you.

The main goal of the game is to get everyone back together and take them to their Home from where they belong.

4. Order and Chaos Online

Best Gameloft Games for Android

Order and Chaos Online is MMORPG game. If you love playing RPG games then this Gameloft’s best game that you ever played. This is totally free on playstore so download it today to enjoy best RPG game.
In this RPG game, you can play with multiple character class types and races. This RPG game offers you character customization, raids, guilds, loads and dungeons in every quest you play.
There are more updates of this game coming in future so until then download this and start enjoying one of the best Gameloft’s RPG.

Download Order and Chaos Online

5. Blitz Brigade

Best Gameloft Games for Android

 This game is multiplayer shooters game. This game is totally fun when they are as zany and as Blitz Brigade. Graphics quality of this game is very good that you will enjoy playing this game.
In this game, you can do battles with up to 12 players in first person combat. This combat you can play in 5 different classes. 
Download this game to challenge friends with more than 100 weapons that you can use against opponents and dominate on them. You can be first on online leader board but it’s not easy task to do.

Download Blitz Brigade

6. Spider-Man Unlimited

Best Gameloft Games for Android

Spider-Man Unlimited is runner type game. If you are a big fan of Spiderman then don’t miss this Gameoft’s Game. The gameplay of this running game is totally comic based, so many of you can get through this game easily.
In this game 2018, you will enjoy swinging through the city and taking out enemies of the NewYork city. At the end of this game you will face boss battles with villain from Sinister Six.
I insist you to download this game because here you can also unlock multiple bad-ass costumes of Spiderman from different comics. This is one of the best Runner games of Gameloft.   

Download Spider-Man Unlimited

7. Modern Combat 5

Best Gameloft Games for Android
This gameloft’s series is always been the one of the best series of Gameloft. Modern Combat 5 is very popular game and trending in apple store and Google Play Store.
This game series is one of the best first-person shooting game series on Android devices.  

This is Offline game series played by so many users worldwide. If your Smartphone supports high graphics then try this game as soon as possible.

The controls of the game are very smooth and sound effects of this game is awesome that I am requesting you that download this game and enjoy this game in hands free. You will defiantly get addicted to play it every day.

Modern Combat 5 is totally Offline. So recommend you that play it today because you can play this game whenever you want. 

Download Modern Combat 5

8. Dungeon Hunter 5

Best Gameloft Games for Android
This is another RPG game by Gameloft This RPG game is totally action based game. This game offers best gameplay I must say that. If you ever played hack and slash of dungeon crawler then you will see it with new abilities.
This game comes up with latest pvp elements and new power upgrade. There is also some weapons upgrade in Dungeon Hunter 5.
The Graphic of this game is amazing and you will love playing combat with some of new dodge mechanics. 

Download Dungeon Hunter 5

9. Asphalt 8

Best Gameloft Games for Android
This game is the latest version of Asphalt. In this gameloft’s Game, you can see a mix of quality graphics, awesome car racing at wonderful speed.

In the new version of this racing game, it combines aircraft carrier and new cars. here you can enjoy awesome but tough arcade levels.

The game runs smoothly on devices which support good graphics.. The gameplay of this game is to win the race against opponents and by winning cash price you can upgrade your cars or you can purchase new cars.

This game is one of a kind in racing games so you must try this once.

10. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Best Gameloft Games for Android

This Gameloft’s Game is the combination of the endless runner game and exciting mini games features. In this game, you will enjoy playing with cute littleminions from the famous movie Despicable Me.
This game will put you through some boss battles but you can get through it with your mind power. The best thing about this game is you can customize the costumes of the all hilariously cute minions.

I can say that only thing matter in this game is your High Score, so collect things and focus in raising your high score.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Over To You:

So these were the best Gameloft's Games for Android that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are other Gameloft's Games for Android from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best gameloft's games/no wifi gameloft's game for Android for Free?
Do let me know in the comments below.

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