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January 17, 2018

Best Adventure Games For Android

Adventure games are the most popular and best games today. Adventure games are loved and played by every age of people.It’s full of thrill and adventure for gamers playing adventure games.

That is why we are bringing you the best of adventure games for android so you can play these games whenever you want in your pocket.

So here is the list of Best Adventure Games for Android:)

1. Escape Game: Hometown Adventure

Best Adventure Games For Android
Best Adventure Games For Android
This adventure game is a first-person adventure game. 

As the name suggests you have to look into the different house of the town and after finding the house the adventure is to reveal the secrets of the abandoned buildings than find the hidden objects.

Escape game: hometown adventure has high-quality graphics. The game became more interesting because of the puzzle is given in the game. This is game has an exciting gameplay too.

2. Spirit Of Ancient Forest: Hidden Object

Best Adventure Games For Android
Spirit of an ancient forest: hidden object includes over 90 levels in which you have to help the heroine Sara of this adventure game and her friend from the iron lord, who wants to destroy the magic forest. 

There are hidden objects scenes in the game.

Sara needs to guess riddles, solve puzzles and etc. There are mini-games too in the game which will never make bor of the game. Your aim is to rescue the world from evil.

3. Escape JK Room

Best Adventure Games For Android

Escape jk room is all about escaping from the locked room. The adventurous part of this Adventure Game is for escaping you have to look for the useful objects and keys from locks. 

Puzzles are also part of this game. The main character of the game is a girl from the school club of magic.

There was an error while working on a trick of getting rid of chains and you lost the keys from the room and from chains.

Your aim is to free the schoolgirl. You have to tap the objects to interact with them or you can move them to inventory.The game has a nice style of graphic.

4. Adventure Escape: Murder Inn

Best Adventure Games For Android

This Adventure Game 2018 is all about investigating a murder case with Kate gray in a lonely hotel at the mountain ski resort.

There is a group of young people which are best friends from college, in mountain resort last year their common friend died.

This year Kate gray and group of friends gathered in small inn again, kate suspect about the accident and trying to reveal the murderer. Your job is to question suspects and search evidence.

Adventure escape: murder inn is a good adventure game for android which includes intriguing plot and hard puzzles.  It also has interesting characters and searching for evidence and objects make it more adventurous.

5. Tales Of Neto

Best Adventure Games For Android

Tales of Neto is adventure game for Android; you have to help the hero complete the job of citizens.

The game is about solving improving life in a small city, logic tasks and fix mechanisms. The hero wants to make the city a better place and for that, he needs to communicate with citizens who will give tasks and clues to him.

You will have to take the character through adventures for solving the problems of the city.

This adventure game for android has an original style of graphics with unusual characters and a very interesting plot. It includes many puzzles and mini-games.

6. Twin Moons: Object Finding Game

Best Adventure Games For Android

This Adventure Game is mysterious and fun to play. You have to reveal the incredible secrets and collect powerful artifacts from the mysterious world from magic portals you can travel across other dimensions.

Study the secrets of creation and solve logic tasks. Search your disappeared father. You have to find the way from weird locations, find the clues and useful objects for surviving through the task.

The 25 picturesque locations with catching characters make it more has many exciting tasks, mini-games and it supports in 12 languages.

7. Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer

Best Adventure Games For Android

In this First Person Adventure Game, You have to help detective Kate gray in an investigation. There is a crime in the city so help her to find criminal and save the city until criminal murder anyone else.

Characters of this game are very interesting and you will love playing this with exciting plot and story. You will also like solving puzzles and searching clues and evidence with Kate gray.

So don’t wait, download today and find out Mysterious Murderer in suspense sound effects. Try this Adventure Game and get addicted to it.

8. Ship Escape: Mystery Adventure

Best Adventure Games For Android

This game is a First person Adventure Game. In this Adventure game, there is a sinister mysterious ship. You have to reveal that sinister secret of the ship.

Your task in this adventure game is to find keys to riddles and other objects of the ship. You can find it by exploring all the decks of this abandoned ship in this adventure game.

You will enjoy this finding hidden object with the ultimate scary story. There are puzzles and lots of other mini-games that you can play.  We can say that this time you are in sea adventure.

9. Grim Tales: Graywitch. Collector’s Edition

Best Adventure Games For Android

This Adventure Game is totally different than other Adventure Games on this list. In this game, you will do time travel. Isn’t it exciting?

You will go to the past with heroin and you learn the horrible and scary mystery of the Graywitch city. Your task is to fight and stop the horrible monster in this game.

The graphics of this game are very high quality and sound effects are amazing. To story plot is exciting as I explained you just. Go explore hidden object scene and save your city.

10. Can You Escape the 100 Room 4

Best Adventure Games For Android

This game is one of my favourite games. In this game, you have to find the way out and escape from the 100 rooms. In each room, you will face different objects.

Every room is locked. If you want to escape then you have to solve puzzles. If you are in a house or at any location then also you have to find hidden objects to escape.

I must say that you will enjoy solving a dozen of hard challenges and hidden object scenes in eye-pleasing graphics quality. Don’t miss useful clues in this adventure game.

Over To You:

So these were the best free Adventure Games for Android that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are other Free Adventure Games for Android from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best adventure games/no wifi adventure game for Android for Free?
Do let me know in the comments below.

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