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January 19, 2018

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

Hello People,
Here you found many best offline games but today I bring you the latest technology in gaming world and that is “Augmented Reality Games” or “AR Games”.

Augmented Reality Games are more effective than other because in these games, you can feel that you are literally inside the game and playing as main character.                        

Nowadays AR Games are in trend because of its fantastic concept. I mean who don’t like to go inside games and fight with aliens, defend kingdoms, fight in war, and finding out spirits.

Yes, if you have Smartphone or consol that supports AR Games then I have collection of Best Augmented Reality Games for Android and iPhone users that you can download and play.

So here is the list of best AR Games:)

1. Pokémon Go

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games
AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

Augmented Reality Games launched into the crowds by Niantic who developed and put in App-Store and Play-Store for free so users can easily download it.

This AR Game is a Geolocation AR Games in which you can go to some real places and do battle with surrounding. The game play is to catch Pokémon and fight with other players and their Pokémon.

Make the good team of your pets and then challenge surrounding and fight with them. This was highest grossing AR game of last year. Controls and graphics of this game are awesome.

2. Ingress

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

This is another gelocation based AR Game which is another hit of Niantic Studio in 2012. This Augmented Reality Game is still popular among players.

In this AR Game, Scientists have discovered dark energy and it will change the way we think. There are two plots in this game with two opposite factions.

Enlightened and Resistance want to use this dark energy with different purpose. The Enlightened want to control humanity and The Resistance want to protect mankind.

So download it today and decide,
Which side are you on?

3. Geo AR

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

This AR Game will give you amazing experience of augmented reality. If you want to open the door of your own fairy tale then you can do it with Geo Augmented Reality.

In this Geo game, let’s take Shark in the Park. You playing in the beautiful garden or city park but you can make it fantasy world with extraordinary animals and creatures with beautiful landscapes.

I must say that play this game and you will know what augmented reality is.

4. WallaMe

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

You can see true combination of AR’s geolocation features and the quest games where people can communicate with each other and can send and receive hidden messages.

In this AR Game, you can take picture of physical places like wall, street, park and many more and then you can also add texts or emojis to it. After that, you can share it with tour friends in hidden messages.

The best thing about this AR Game is there are no ads and in-app purchase. Messages are either private or public but if you want to read then you need AR app.


5. Clandestine: Anomaly

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

Do you guys like shooting games?

Well, this is the best shooting games for AR Gamers. You can make your Smartphone in to wonderful and terrific weapon with this augmented reality game.

In this game alien come to our planet and try to conquer it. Your main goal is to destroy them all. You also need to develop defence strategy because this game is not simple as you think.

The story plot of this game is fascinating and graphics are wonderful. Geolocation features of AR allow fighting with them in park or at your home.

6. AR Invaders

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

This Augmented Reality Game is kind of old school game and the concept of this game is like Clandestine: Anomaly. Main theme of this game is Alien Vs Humans.

In this game, you can do battles with aliens with different weapons. If you want to save and protect your city from them then you must be brave and destroy them all.

This is one of the best AR Shooting Game. Graphics are amazing and sound effects are awesome. If you like to play AR game then this AR game is worth trying.

7. Zombies, Run!

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

Do you guys want to make your morning jog into ultimate adventure every day? Download this augmented reality game today and put your ear buds on. You will definitely enjoy playing this.

There are several missions in this AR game which you can complete through walking and running. You only need to collect items in this game and run from zombies chasing you.

There are some parts of this game available nowadays so you will never lose motivation for jogging in the morning. You only need to run, listen to music and narration in this game.

8. Geocaching

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

This Augmented reality based game is world’s largest treasure hunting game. This AR Game loved by so many users and in each country of the world, this game has followers.

In this game you will explore the hidden places of the planet. You have to follow very simple procedure in this game like you can know that where you can find geocache through AR app.

There is no particular location of it. It can be in next building or on the top of the mountain. Game is simple that you find it, log in and then hide it for next gamers.

Let’s check, how many hidden treasure you can find?

9. Toy Car RC

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

This AR game is table race game for kids. This game is famous in kids as car racing AR game. In this augmented reality game, Kids enjoy doing “Wheely” with the car.

Player will travel all around the world and try to complete different missions. Even player can complete missions in space. Your main task is to print out some target images scanned by AR.

By these images, you will get another mission for Wheely. Don’t stop your child to play this game. Let him explore the world and complete fascinating missions.

10. Peronio Pop-Up Book: VR&AR Game

AR Games – Augmented Reality Games

This AR game is combining with RPG games. To play this game, you will need VR box. Set your Smartphone in VR Box and experience this RPG as real player of the game.

In this game AR game, you will find out augmented reality in virtual world that will put you through unforgettable experience.

The game started with little boy who can’t decide what he want to be in future when he grow up. You will help him to decide and help him to his journey with solving exciting challenges and mini games.

You will explore his journey with him and you will find out that he want to become dentist of dragons because they have so many pointy teeth.

Over To You:

So these were the best free Augmented Reality Games for Android and iPhone that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are other Free AR Games for Android and iPhone from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best AR games/no wifi AR game for Android and iPhonefor Free?
Do let me know in the comments below.

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