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January 21, 2018

Adventure Games For iPhone

If you want alternative from time killer games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush then you should start playing interesting games like adventure games for iPhone.

Adventure Games are Best Offline Games because if you have good device then you can fulfil your fantasy by playing them.

I did research and made a list of best adventure games for iPhone that you must try once. So,

Here is the list of Best Adventure Games for iPhone:

1. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Adventure Games For iPhone
Adventure Games For iPhone

If you already enjoyed first two part of this adventure game for iPhone and if you love to play zombie games then you will love latest part of The Walking Dead.

There are lots of zombie apocalypse games available on Apple App-Store, but this one is trending. Characters of this game are very real. Once you start 
playing this game you will love it definitely.

There are different episodes in this IOS adventure game that you have to complete. You can also upgrade weapons to kill zombies. Survive and Shoot. I can say these two words for this game.

2. Batman: The Telltale Series

Adventure Games For iPhone

Batman is very famous character from DC Comics and there are many fans of him out there in the world. I believe that fans already played this adventure game for iPhone.

The storyline of this game is awesome and it is from episode of the Dark Knight series. In this IOS adventure game, Batman was try to explore himself between Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Controls of this game are very smooth and graphics are highly detailed. You will love playing Batman’s Combos and Attacks. Enjoy car rides today and start protecting city.

3. Oxenfree

Adventure Games For iPhone

Do you like Horror Games?
This game is for those who do not afraid from the dark. You will enjoy this 80’s horror game.

You will start playing this adventure game for iPhone as Alex and her new stepbrother Jonas. They are on overnight trip and they go to abandoned Military Island.

Here this game starts when Alex and her friends feel paranormal activities there and heard some strange voices in broken radio. Your task is to solve that paranormal mystery and save your brothers and friends.

Playing this game at night is fun because game has good graphics and awesome sound effects.

4. Days of the Tentacle: Remastered

Adventure Games For iPhone

This IOS Adventure Game is the one of a kind of time Shafer. This iPhone game’s origin was in 1993 on dos platform which was the sequel of maniac mansion that came out in 1987.

You can still play this game today if you have old computers. The theme of the game is a comedy. In this offline game a sentiment tentacle that drink radioactive water and becomes evil.

The brief of the main character is the loony scientist that created tentacle and the three kids who end up in the different eras.

In this adventure game for iPhone, the main part is that you meet the founding fathers of The United States and you thrust into a totalitarian future where humans are treated as pets and tentacle rules.

The puzzle of this offline game for iPhone is intriguing and the story is funny.

5. Thimbleweed Park

Adventure Games For iPhone

In this IOS Action Game, You will see Ron Gilbert and Gray Winnick in strange town of Thimbleweed Park. This adventure game for iPhone is retro pint0and-click adventure.

In this IOS Adventure Game, you will enjoy weird setting, strange cast of characters classic puzzle gameplay, neo-noir mystery, Thimbleweed Park, and combining call-back to the 1980s.

The graphics and characters of this game are wonderful. In free time playing this game will give you good experience.

6. Love You to Bits

Adventure Games For iPhone

Do you like to play adventure game as astronaut and exploring Galaxy? Do you love to explore different planets? This game will let you do it from spiritual successor to tiny thief.

You will explore many strange planets in this game. you will help Kosmo to solve puzzles and find broken piece of his girl friend Nova in this Adventure Game for iPhone.

This cartoon style game is all about visually storytelling and puzzle solving. You will love playing this game and exploring different animated planet.

7. Bury Me My Love

Adventure Games For iPhone

This game will take you through the harrowing and tough journey of conflict refugee in a text adventure. This adventure inspired by real life events.

This game is about typing. In this game player will guide refugee Nour through her journey. You also send advice to her and exchange messages with her. 

In this game your typing skill we be improve. There are 19 different endings in this adventure game for iPhone.

8. A Normal Lost Phone

Adventure Games For iPhone

This adventure game for iPhone is about a lost phone which would eventually find its way onto devices. I enjoyed this game and its awesome I must say that.

In this game you find out someone’s lost phone and to when you explore, you will find out mystery of its owner’s identity and disappearance in this IOS Adventure Game.

In this adventure game for iPhone, you will enjoy messaging app, contact lists, photo roll and more. By exploring all apps in phone, you will know the story of Sam who I can say that last owner of the phone.

9. Shardlight

Adventure Games For iPhone

In this IOS Adventure Game, you will explore a apocalyptic dystopia which is riven by disease and scarcity in Shardlight.

In this adventure game for iPhone, Ammy Wellard contracted the fatal green lung sickness and start fixing unstable Nuclear Reactor to find out medicines which cure lung sickness.

When she was doing that, she got caught up in secret war between Latter-Day Aristrocrats and Shadowy Revolutionaries In this Adenture Game for iPhone.

Here Aristrocrats who control the medicines and keep the people under ironheel but there is a shadowy revolutionaries who oppose and stop them.

10. Technobabylon

Adventure Games For iPhone

This adventure game for iPhone is amazing. In this game, the city ruled by the omnipresent AI called Central which is cyberpunk tale of genetic engineering and murderous mind jack.

In this IOS adventure game; you will see true combination of high-concept science-fiction and parallel cyber space. Characters are cute in this game. You will love enjoying it with easy controls.

Over To You:

So these were the best free Adventure Games for iPhone that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are other Free Adventure Games for iPhone from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best adventure games/no wifi adventure game for iPhone for Free?
Do let me know in the comments below.

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