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December 11, 2017

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC 2018

Do you like playing strategy games on PC?

I played so many strategy games till now and I here I will share you best of them from my knowledge of strategy games.

Before I start you can also check best offline games all time. The list of best offline games pc not only p but the list contain best offline games for iPhone and best offline games for Android.

If you get bored with shooting games, RPG games, and racing games then strategy games will help you to kill your boredom.

So here is the list of Best Offline Strategy Games For PC that you want :)


1. Total War: Warhammer 2

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

Many people of you have played the first Warhammer. That game contains fantasy universe in which there were perfect massive battles and also there was detail unit which put very impressively.

Even the first part has some issues that improved in the second edition. In this offline game, they improve rogue armies, new heroes, and mix faction together.

The four faction of this offline strategy game is
  • Stevens
  • High elves
  • Dark elves
  • Lizardmen

All of these factions are totally different from one another depending on the strategic duty.

2. XCOM/ War Of The Chosen

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

This offline strategy game uses scarcity very cleverly that put you in difficult dilemmas. In this offline game, you will have so many scan site but you can only choose six sites at a time to complete.

This game gives you much responsibility so play with peace is most important things in this game.

In this strategic game for PC, You need to make your army for what you need to recruit engineer who will build comms by what you can contact territories, you will need alien alloys to upgrade your weapons.

This game is a totally offline strategic game that will make you addictive to it.

3. Homeworld: Desert Of Kharak

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

This strategy game will let you do war in the desert. There was the first part of this offline game was homeworld and if you did enjoy that then you will definitely like a new and improved version of that game.

This game is remembered for the spaceship and RTS tanks and I can say that this game succeeds like you in every pc this offline game rule.

With the great graphics and war sound effects, this offline strategic game is must try. This offline game is totally different from recent games so it will change your mood if you get bored with one type of games.

4. Civilization 6

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

This offline strategic game is let you build your town as you like. You can build the park, river, armies of your city. Once you developed it then you can challenge other cities.

You can pay this game online and offline. Yes, they provide facilities to play with online players and challenge them. This offline strategic game also proves facilities to play offline with a bot.

I prefer this game to those who like to build empires and protect. If you wanna keep your city safe then you must have the strategy to fight other. So don't wait for strategic game love, Go Download it.

5. Stellaris

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

Science fiction offline strategic game. This offline game is totally related to space. At the launching of this game, They said there will be no gaps but to be honest there is some point which needs to improve.

In this offline strategic game, you will see the internal politics of the game and you can see the various changes in Utopia expansion in hundred hours of the game.

You can also build Dyson spheres around the sun so you can drain maximum energy from it and fight freezing.

6. Endless Legend

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

This offline strategic game is related to space. In this offline game 2018, you will be in endless space and fight different empires in the galaxy. This is a good offline game but there are some gaps in this game.

In this offline strategic game, you will see the deep diverse with endless and fantastic factions. In this strategic game, you will also enjoy sub-races, hero unit and discovery of a planet.

Space graphics are good. Worth trying this game if you like galaxies and pace.

7. Neptune’s Pride

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

When you think about the strategic game at that time I prefer this offline game because this game put friends against friends in a battle to control star system.

In this offline strategy game 2018, The rules are very simple that you have to upgrade your stars to build ships so you can deploy them to produce more stars.

Once you start playing this game, You will find it’s tough but as you will play and realize the game is quite simple.

Those who love strategy game Must try this offline strategy game.

8. C&C Red Alert 2

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

Red alert: Most of the people aware of this game who like to play offline strategy games. I love both versions of Red Alert. This offline game is also fantastic.

This offline game contains great maps that will lead you wherever you want so easily, campaign and awesome FMV sequences. This offline game is between soviet squids and allied dolphins.

The only thing I can say that people play this game for a laugh and this game is the beautiful disaster from EA’s.

9. Galactic civilization 2

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

One more time Space game.
This game contains both space and doom.

In this offline game, you can conquer space with the army of doom-ships. I can say that this game s very creative and full sized. If you play it every day then also it will take a week to complete.

In this game, you will have to balance technological, diplomatic, economic and military power. This game is very simple that you have to fight wars and dominate the galaxy.

10. Homeworld

Best Offline Strategy Games For PC

If I can explain you mechanically, this offline game is the three-dimensional strategy game in what first you have to detach RTS to a single plane. The graphics of this game properly designed.

This game has great sounds whether string playing over haunting opening mission or beat of drums in multiplayer battles.

Over To You:

So these were the best offline strategy games for PC that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are other Strategy Games for PC from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best offline strategy games/no wifi strategy game for PC? Do let me know in the comments below.

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