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November 10, 2017

15 Best Offline RPG Games For Android 2018

In this article offline games cover Best Offline RPG Games For Android. If you are a fan of role-playing RPG games and you are not able to play just because of the internet.

In the last tutorial we just saw 50 Best Offline Games 2018 and Best offline shooting games for android 2018. So in case if you missed reading it. I recommend you to read them first :) 

best offline rpg games for android

Here are the best Offline RPG Games that you can play it without internet.

Just take a look at the list and make yourself addictive.

List Of Best Offline RPG Games For Android Free Download - Offline RPG Games 2018:

1. Crash Lands

This Offline RPG Game is a beautifully designed that stuck you on a dangerous planet, Your mission is to build a base, defeat your enemies, and eventually escape back to space.

The combat system of this RPG Offline Game For Android is fun and makes it easy to harvest resources and craft your items.

The story of this Best RPG offline game is light-hearted with plenty of tongue in cheek humor.

This Offline RPG Game offers addictive gameplay only in 4.99$ —once you've beaten the game, you can simply make more content with the level editor.

2. Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition

This Offline RPG Games For Android 2018 is favourite in the certain age of gamers as a masterpiece, but I must add here that the Dungeons and Dragons based RPG.

Our Good luck, This awesome title a new facelift and tune-up that includes various convenience tweaks as well as remastered great soundtrack given by beamdog.

I wish you start playing it today because it’s never to be late for starting good thing :-)

3. XCOM: Enemy Within

This Offline RPG Game has a great visuals in which you manage a crack team tasked with taking down alien monsters.

In this Best Offline RPG Game 2018, you can learn it easily but it will take time to become a master.

The mission of this Offline RPG Game For Android become very harder level by level but you’ll also get the chance to upgrade your team with alien tech, powerful weapons, and new recruits.

You can have online multiplayer and can play with your friend and you can also play it offline.

4. Into The Dead - Offline RPG Games For Android Free Download

This Offline RPG Game is the First Person running game. the zombies attack everyone in this game and you are the last survivor who must escape.

In this No Wifi Game the longer You will run, You will achieve more point. Points will help you to upgrade your weapon to fight with zombies.

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne - Best Offline RPG Games For Android

This game is the latest version of asphalt. In this Android game, you can see a true combination of quality graphics, awesome car running at awesome speed.

In the new version, It combines aircraft carrier, new cars, and awesome arcade levels.

Best Offline RPG Games For Android

The game runs smoothly on good devices. The gameplay is to win the race against opponents and by winning cash price you can upgrade your cars or you can purchase new cars.

In this  Best Offline RPG Game  For Android, there is the in-app purchase but this game is one of a kind that you must try.

6. Plague Inc.

In this RPG Offline Game, You Have to create a virus to exterminate humanity. This Offline Game For Andeoid combines the 'new strategy' and 'apocalypse' genres.

You will have to try to infect the world's population with a deadly virus, choosing from among the 12 accessible types in this RPG Offline Game. Even there is an artificial intelligence that will challenge you.

Try Once:-)

7. Freeze

This Offline RPG Game is animated game to That you should try, But You will feel this game is like Limbo than Badland.

The gameplay of this Offline RPG Game is to reach a portal to escape from danger. The only problem is that you have to accept the challenge of gravity by tapping the 'Freeze' button and rotating the dial.

Playing this Offline Game is totally fun with great animation of movie and 25 different levels.
The graphics and sound effects of the game are good.

8. Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Are you crazy about soldier stuff?
Do you operate heavy weapon as they do?

Download it today itself than because I have played many Offline RPG Game For Android related to tank but that never satisfy me as this game did.

Start playing this Offline RPG Game 2018 with good visuals and operators.This game only need
22 MB of your space on your phone.

9. Heroes And Castles

Do you like armor?
Not so into lasers?
Why not you become a knight?

This Offline RPG Game 2018 need the skill to counter the hordes of Orcs, Goblins, and Giants trying to get hold of your forts!

In this third-person Offline Game, action-RPG Game will be served well.

You can play this game in multiplayer with your friends and solo too.

10. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Best Offline RPG Games For Android

The game is Developed by Mojang, It is a true adventure Offline RPG Game that allows you to put your creativity.

In this game, you can use blocky cubes to create bridge, clouds or building using the many materials available like dirt, stone, brick or sand to create your own virtual world.

There are several modes in this game which includes survival mode in that each block is hand cut and collected in the open world.

So you have to be prepared when the sun goes down and bad guys come for you in this Offline RPG Game.

11. Alto's Adventure

In this Offline RPG Game, you must run snowboarder Alto down a treacherous mountain. The gameplay of this game is an auto-runner on that mountain’s border.

In this Best Offline RPG Game For Android, the stages are different because they are randomly generated, but you have to achieve specific goals each time. You can jump as obstacles come in your way with a single tap on a screen.

When you start playing this Offline Game, the art direction is awesome. In this RPG Game, Snowman team has anyhow managed to create vistas with simple flat shapes.

The sound effects of this game are amazing and graphics qualities are awesome. You can see how they work in details.

There are many things about this I can tell you but I prefer is better to play then read.

I tried it and I enjoyed this No Wifi Game and I am telling you guys that try it as soon as possible.

12. Badland

A 2D runner Offline RPG Game For Android in which there is a beautiful forest with different residents. In this game something wrong with the forest and you, and you have to find out.

Also, you have to overcome a numerous number of imaginative traps and obstacles. In this game, there are stunning physics-based gameplay, good quality graphics, and great audio effects to optimize your gameplay.

The game is multiplayer and maximum four players can play this game on the same device and it also allows you to beat the competition by knocking your rivals off spinning saws.

You have to work together to beat a different level and you can also create Your own level. There are really no limits or rules to this game; So it is one of best Offline Android games.

13.  Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds series is the most popular series of mobile devices.

To kill the boredom, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is the best game.

Do you guys already play many version of it? Do you?

Well if you ask me which one is the Best Offline RPG Game from this series, I will tell you Angry Birds Star Wars 2. This one is the best game and totally fun among all angry bird.

Best Offline RPG Games For Android

This Offline RPG Game was developed by Rovio. They put best efforts and make this game very fantastic. I bet you will love the sound of birds when you play it.

Whatever you say is it good or bad but this game archived height of popularity all over the world.

So what are you waiting for?

Open play store and download this game. hurry:-)

14. Limbo

This Offline RPG Game has amazing adventures. The story of the game is brother finding the missing sister in the mysterious world.

During this game, he finds out that place is not only mysterious, it’s dangerous and scary as well.
This game cost around 5$ but for those who love adventure game should play it once.

Best Offline RPG Games For Android

15. Shadow Return

In humble Bundle Squad, Shadowrun Returns is another award-winning and favorite fantasy RPG.

The game has great cyberpunk setting, Good 3D graphics, and many weapons, different spells and abilities, Shadowrun Returns is good gaming experience as you will like to find on Android.
The gameplay of this Offline RPG game of Android is a murder mystery set in a futuristic Seattle with depth that includes shooting, hacking mechanics, spell-casting and much more.

This game is one of the best game on Android nowadays.

Best Offline RPG Games For Android

Over To You:

So these were the best Offline RPG Games for android you must download/play today.

I hope you loved reading this article :)

Which are your best Offline RPG Games for android from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you want to add any new/more Best Offline RPG Games/ No Wifi RPG Games on the above list? Do let me in the comments below.

Let’s make this post the world’s best Offline RPG Games For Android. So one can find and play Offline RPG Games very easily :)

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P.S we recommend you to bookmark this post as we are going to add more Best RPG Games For Android/ Best No Wifi Games RPG For Android in coming days. So make sure you do not miss any!

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