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November 12, 2017

7 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android 2018

Do You love to play shooting Games..?

Who don't....!

Infact, I'm huge fan of shooting games and right now I've 7 best offline shooting games installed in my android phone. 

And I thought to share it with you too today.

Before that... I just wanted to share Best Offline Games and Best Offline RPG Games For Android tutorials/links. Read these amazing tutorials in case if you missed.

Best Offline Shooting Game

Here is the list of Best Offline Shooting Game For Android that you will love to play:

1. N.O.V.A Legacy

Best Offline Shooting Game

Many of you people have heard about Gameloft. This is a big online and Offline Game making company.

This is a sci-fi first-person game in what you have to try and defend the Colonial Administration forces.in reward, you can also choose assault rifle and plasma gun by which you can kill zombies with more power.

Best Offline Shooting Game

There was an original game that was remastered and named N.O.V.A. Legacy that you can play. This game support single player mode and multiplayer mode. Just try once it’s fun.

Go download it for best shooting experience :-)

2. Cover Fire

Best Offline Shooting Game

This Offline shooting game is about leading the group of heroes in the war. The people you are up against are Tetracap Corporation.They are well trained so it will make this game hard.

In this offline Shooting game, you get many characters with weapons collection to fight against them. 

This game contains high-end graphics so this is the best offline shooting game.this game has almost 60 mission that will make you addictive to this game.

The strategy of this game is that you will be leading your soldiers, commanding each one of them as you can use their special powers to win the battle.

You can also upgrade you the soldier in this game. This game is very addictive 
so control yourself and fix your time to play ;-)

3. Sniper X With Jason Statham


Best Offline Shooting Game

He is the favourite hero of most people as I like him so much. He’s my one of the favourite!

Yo guys like him?

Do you wanna play with as a part of his team?
Download this game today if you are a big fan of him.

Best Offline Shooting Game

This offline shooting game leads you and your team by the voice of Jason Statham paramilitary unit. The gameplay is to follow Jason Statham voice and finish terrorism in a different venue.

You can also upgrade the weapons and look for your rifle in this game.

Must Download Today.:-)

4. Major Mayhem

Best Offline Shooting Game

If you start this game then your itchy finger will run wild in this offline shooting game.This game has itchy finger with what you can take the head shot as much as you want.

The game story of this shooting offline game is you have to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend as a mayhem by shooting villains and throwing bombs at them while you running.

The force of evil will run behind you but without the scare, you have to kill them with your rifle.

This game contains non stop 4 games modes with 45 levels of full actions.Download it and start playing because the size of the game is very low that you can play with minimum graphics.

5. Mad Bullets

Best Offline Shooting Game

This Offline Shooting Game devoid boring storylines and tutorials that will kill your boredom. This game will not only give you relaxation but you will enjoy it with full of fun and laugh.

The crazy Characters like Desperados, American Ninjas, vultures, a robot Cowboy, piranhas, and chickens have rifles. This Offline shooting Game 2018 has a lot of madness and easy controls.
Best Offline Shooting Game

This game contains 4 mini-games, 50 levels at 3 locations, and about 200 missions to complete.

So this Shooting game For Android will keep you entertained when you getting bored.

Download Mad Bullets

6. Lone Wolf

Best Offline Shooting Game

This Offline Shooting game is a sniper game in which you accompanied by storyline told via comic strips during the game, it gives an interesting plot and feels to the game that you will like about a game.

In this Offline Shooting Game storyline of the game will guide your next mission.

You’ll have to kill your targets by using weapons that you have including Sniper Rifles, Assault rifles, bombs, Pistols and at times you’ll be assassinating your target with your hands too.

Best Offline Shooting Game

This Offline Game can be supported in android version 4.0 and above. This game has millions plus download.

I think you get the idea about the game.

7. Suicide Squad

Best Offline Shooting Game

Many Of you people have watched this warner bros. super-villains movie. Right?

This game will remind you and put you through that movie because you will have to fight all the enemies who try to stop you like in the movie.

You will have to survive whether you are Harley Quinn with signature baseball bat, Deadshot with
Sniper-Rifle, or dia blow to flame.

The longer you play the high score you get

The graphics of this Offline Game is awesome and soundtracks are just same as movies.

Download Suicide Squad

Best Offline Shooting Games For Android 2018 - Video:

Over To You:

So these were the 7 best offline shooting games for android you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are your best offline shooting games for android from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best offline/no wifi shooting game for android? Do let me know in the comments below.

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