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November 14, 2017

10 Best Offline Racing Games 2018

Best Offline Games are those games which you can play anywhere you want at any time. Even if you don’t have proper internet and no internet there are many games you can play offline.

Let’s talk about Offline Racing Games. Like Offline Car Racing Games?

Umm... Let me think. Yes!

We already know about Best Offline Games For PC when it comes to car racing. But what about If I give you the list of an Offline Racing Games?

No matter whether you are using Android or iPhone.

Here is the list of Best Offline Racing Game 2018:

1. Race The Sun

Best Offline Racing Games

If you people ask me about best Offline Racing Game of 2018 then my choice which should be on top in Race The Sun. in this you forget about cars because you will fly.

In this Best Offline Racing Game, you will be a pilot of the solar-powered glider.
Do you know who do you race against?
You race against setting sun. Sounds impossible but you do :)

When you start playing or I can say flying, the world around you will be changing every day.

This Offline Game is available For iPhone users but still not for an Android users. But we can provide you beta version of this game on Android devices.

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne - Best Offline Racing Game

Best Offline Racing Games

This game is the new version of Asphalt. In this Offline Game, you can see a true combination of quality graphics, awesome car racing at awesome speed.

In the new version of this offline racing game, It combines aircraft carrier, new cars, and awesome arcade levels.

The game runs smoothly on good devices. The gameplay of this game is to win the race against opponents and by winning cash price you can upgrade your cars or you can purchase new cars.

In this Best Offline Racing Game, there is the in-app purchase but this game is one of a kind that you must try.

3. Hovercraft: Takedown


Best Offline Racing Games

In this offline Game, there is Crossy kind of Road in the colorful and blocky hovercraft that you will be racing.

The gameplay of this Offline Game is classic racing, with the real joy that says by the game’s crafting aspects. In this game, you can customize your own vehicle, Upgrade it with weapons and tweak to suit your driving style.

You can download this game from here.

4. Real Racing 3

Best Offline Racing Games

When this offline racing game arrived in 2013, There were so many protests. But as a time passed these game became most popular game nowadays because of change in a little bit more of the game.

This game is very fantastic and when you playing it, You will feel like you are running like a dream. I this offline racing game 2018, You can upgrade your vehicle.

To be frank, This game has multiplayer mode online and if you play it and win it then you will get some good rewards.

I recommend you to download it today and start racing.

5. CSR Classics

Best Offline Racing Games

This offline Racing Game is excellent. The size of the game is small as compared to other games.

The gameplay of this Offline Game is same as other car racing game as we can say race type is drag-strip but in this game, You will get the witage car for a race. Just you don't forget to accelerate and change gear in time.

With the great sound effects and wonderful graphics, I suggest you try it once.

You can Download this Car Racing Game from here.

6. Need For Speed: No Limits - Racing Games Offline

Best Offline Racing Games

Most of you guys know about Need For Speed. Obviously, This is a Best Offline Car Racing Series. So now this game is available for mobiles too.

The Latest version of Need For Speed for mobiles is No Limits. Even in mobile devices game, NFS include same features of Offline PC game like Turbo Booster, Slidey Corner, Street Racing and ride Pimping.

There are so many levels of racing they provide in this game and you can customize and upgrade your cars as you do before in PC.

With great soundtracks and sound effects, this game makes its own place in players heart. The high-End-graphics of this game are awesome.

What are you waiting for?

Download it today and start winning.

7. Horizon Chase

Best Offline Racing Games

Unlike the other games like Asphalt and NFS, This game is different. This Offline Racing Game is Arcade Racing Game.

The gameplay of this game is you have to win all arcades. The graphics of this games are 16-bit but look cool on mobile devices.

In this game, touchscreen controls are well so you can ride your car so easily and win against competitors. Sounds of this game are not that much effective but we can say it’s good.

8. Thumb Drift

Best Offline Games

As I explained you before, This Offline Racing Game 2018 is also different than other car racing game.

In this offline game, you have to race but not strips or arcade, You have to race Drifts. In the race when there will be round turn at that time you have to drift your car and gain your bonus points with good drifts.

There are a variety of 60 cars are available to drift that you have to unlock. They put a beautifully crafted thumb in the corner of touch by what you can play it with fun.

9. FRZ Racing

Best Offline Racing Games

This Offline Racing Game will remind you F-1 race of video game that we used to play. If you still don't wanna play race like it without that much set up then download this game.

This game is made for speed around focused tracks. You can compete with a player around the world and if you win then it will make you easy to unlocks and upgrade the customization.


You can customize and upgrade your car in this game. With good 2d graphics, This game is very relaxing.

10. Traffic Racer

Best Offline Racing Games

We cover flying races and car races but what about motorbiking races?

What if I tell you that this game is First-Person Motorbike racing game?

Will you play it?

Yes or No?

I accepted it as yes:)

Yippie. This game is First-Person motorbiking race game. In this game, you can do everything with the bike without any risks that you can’t do in real life.

This offline Racing Game is fantastic that include overtaking other vehicles when you are zipping between them.

Bike lovers. Go download it today.

Over To You:

So these were the 10 best offline racing games you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are your best offline racing games for android and iPhone from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best offline/no wifi racing game for android and iPhone? Do let me know in the comments below.

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