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November 27, 2017

Best Offline Racing Games For PC 2018

Offline racing games!

Don’t you think racing games are the games which kill your boredom without applying mind to the game? There is already the list of best offline racing games for Android and offline racing game for iPhone here.

First of all the main benefits of offline games is you can play it without internet connection whether you playing offline games on PC, offline games on Android and offline games on iPhone.

If you have a good graphics card and 5.1 channel speaker on your PC then I will let you ride in best races I ever did.

So here is the list of best Offline Racing games For PC:

These Offline Racing Games Will Ride You At Home :)

1. Motorcade

Offline Racing Games For PC

Racing is not only fun but I can say it’s feeling. When you play games like iRacing and Burnout: Paradise have nothing in common. In that games when you race to final, you will be lost in a moment.  

That moment.
Yea that moment is the reason why we play racing games. You know what, Racing games fan always chase this high.

This game has a great graphics effects and when you speed up or turbo your car you background will be a blur. You will enjoy chasing other in this game.

2. Forza Motorsport 7

Offline Racing Games For PC

This offline game is vast and I bet you will learn about many things that how to drive cool sports cars. This game is for those who wanna go fast in shiny metal cages.

This game is very real that you will enjoy weather transformation while you racing. In this game night tacks will slow you down but as sunrise, it will activate your loot box system.

I am telling you that play this game for some real experience.
Even this game is malleable to absorb some bumps.

3. Forza Horizon 3

Offline Racing Games For PC

By name of this offline racing game, you are thinking that it is the version of above game but you are wrong because it is totally different. This game is developed by playground games in September 2016.

In this offline racing game, you will ride through tight corners and farmers
farm in Australia.

The best thing about this game is you rewarded equally after completing the race.  Even there are enough switches in your cars to turn on and off that will make you feel like a real arcade racer.

I recommend you this game but don’t take it lightly because it's not easy to game to chase. It is open world so you never know who will beat you.

4. F1 2016

Offline Racing Games For PC

Many people called it best features game with the best formula. This offline racing game developed by Codemasters in August 2016.

In this game, you will have to chase huge amount of checklist. They even include new R&D system by what you can customize your cars as per your requirements and you can make your car advance.

I must say that at least you should enjoy this racing games one with 5.1 channel because the graphics of the game and the mind-blowing sound effects of acceleration and the break will ride you at high speed.

This is the best offline racing game in f1 section till now.

5. Track Mania 2

Offline Racing Games For PC

This offline game developed by Nadeo in 2011 but people are playing this particular game to till date.

This game divided into three different tracks so I can say you can have 3 different playgrounds here.


So with the great editor, Trackmania 2 made its own place in player’s heart.

6. rFactor 2

Offline Racing Games For PC

Rfactor 2 is developed in 2011 by image space incorporated. With the change in the time, This company manages to stay in its space till now by regularly changing features of this offline racing game.

This game continuously growing after they launch it with attractive tracks and cars. All the tracks are in different series.

This game is really not for cheap racer because you have to chase rivals seriously in this game. Once you start playing this and you will get addicted to this game sooner.

7. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Offline Racing Games For PC

I think you already know this game.

NFS is famous offline racing games developed the company. They made Need For Speed. There are many games of NFS that you will enjoy like NFS: Carbon, NFS: Most Wanted but you should try this NFS: Hot Pursuit.

This offline racing game is all time favorite game for me that you will never get bored playing this,

In this offline racing game, you can enjoy sprint races and arcade races. This game is awesome with different black and rich cars. With high-end graphics, I must say that you will ride wherever you are when you play this.

Once install this game and never say goodbye to it.

8. RaceRoom Racing Experience

Offline Racing Games For PC

This offline game developed by Sector3 Studios in February 2013. This offline game has latest race experience. In this offline racing game, you don't only play race but you create a racing empire.

If you ever played GTR online then you will like this game but there is also the biggest mistake in GTR online is that game need internet connection n so here in this racing game you don’t need to play with internet or wifi.

This game needs accuracy because you can play and stay in the race if your car is on-track. If you go to off-track then you will lose. Even here you can buy a bunch of cars and tracks packaging.

9. GRID Autosport

Offline Racing Games For PC

This game is a terrific game. You can enjoy the race with fear inside that don’t catch by cops and you will win or lose?

This offline game developed by Codemasters in June 2014. This offline racing game is entry level game.

When you play this game, You will be surprised that there is no car handling but once you get to know the basics corner barking and throttle control then you will fight to win.

You will enjoy this sim-style racing offline game.

10. NFS Rivals

Offline Racing Games For PC

Another game of NFS. I can say that this is probably the offline racing game in the open world right now by EA sports. This game was launched in  November 2013 by ghost games.

The best advantage of this offline game is you can play this in open world on both sides. Police and racer with parallel career tracks.

There are so many online features in this game but you can play it offline. I must say that you should try this game if you are racing game lover. The graphics quality and sound quality of this game are good.

Try it today :)

Over To You:

So these were the best offline racing games for PC that you must play/download today.

I hope you loved knowing about above games :)

Which are other Racing Games for PC from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you know any other best offline racing games/no wifi racing game for PC? Do let me know in the comments below.

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