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November 09, 2017

50 Best Offline Games / No Wifi Games To Play In 2018

If you are excited to know about Offline Games on all the platform, I insist you that must read it. In this, I cover all-time favourite Best Offline Games.

If I say you the games I am telling you in this article is totally Free Offline Games.

So Do you guys wanna take a look or wanna play your favourite No Wifi Games?

In this article, you will know the list of Best No Wifi Games that you will definitely play if you take a look.

Before I start you should know this fact that Offline Games are not only for relaxation, It helps your brain to work and focus properly.

Offline Games are the best games because you can play it without internet during your travel or have other internet issues.

Here is the list of best 50 Offline Games /  No Wifi Games that you can play it whenever you want:

1. Sorcery! 3

Best Offline Games

This is the one of Best Offline Game when we talk about No Wifi Games for mobile devices.

In this game, you will enjoy epic fantasy adventures. There is no need to play first two sorcery for sorcery! 3.

This Offline Game is the combination of storytelling and combat. Just play it and you will explore too. This No Wifi Game is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

2. Combo Crew

Best Offline Games

This No Wifi Game is totally action based on mobile devices. I must say that you can play this game while you work because this game needs your one hand only.

In this Offline Game, you only need combo of kicking and punching :-)

This game provides multiplayer option but you can play it offline with bots.

3. Reckless Getaway

Best Offline Games

This one is another awesome game that you must try. I this Offline Game the gameplay is to steal the bank and its easy task but the next task is to get away and it's tough. 
So this game is about to steal the bank and get away from police with heavy traffic.

Once you play this Offline Game and get addicted to it.

4. Bloon Tower Defense 5

Best Offline Games

This game is very popular Offline Game on the list of No Wifi Games for Android and iPhone devices.

The history of this game series is it started in 2007 with named blookns and got huge popularity and become one of the most popular game now a day online and offline.

5. Super Hexagon

Best Offline Games

This Offline Game is very hardest game. In this game, average users last for 2-3 seconds on their first try. The crazy thing about this Offline Game is you lose because of your fault only and that will make you try again and again.


This Offline Game need full of your concentration so plays it in free time.
If you will practice it you will beat this NO Wifi Game.

6. Thomas Was Alone

Best Offline Games

Do you like reading?
Interested in History?

This Offline Game is an art. This book will show you the way to succeed.
Who like to play kinda game but still it’s worth price 4.5$ to play.

7. 80 Days

Best Offline Games

This Offline game is very exciting and wonderful story. I can say that this game is not so popular and few user has played it too. Only they know how interactive story this game contains that worth the price.

8. You Must Build A Boat

Best Offline Games

For this Offline Game, I can say Name tells itself. In this game, you need to build a boat. But as you know to build it you will need several things.

This offline game includes crew members, treasures, money and other things to supplies. You will become addicted to this game after when you build the ship.

Now I will tell you in partitions start with...

Best No Wifi Games For Android 2018:

If you using an android device, Don't miss these best offline games for android

Best Offline Games

9. GTA Series (Grand Theft Auto)
Best Offline Games

GTA is the worldwide most popular Offline Game with billions of sales. This game received hundreds of awards for being the top gaming series of all time.

At First this No Wifi Game came on PC and now you can play this Best Offline Games on your android devices too.

To enjoy playing this game on your android, All you need to do is download .apk and .obb file of GTA and then install it on a smartphone.

10. Brain It On! Physics Puzzles

Best Offline Games

This game has a various level that will challenge your brain.

This is the scientific 2D game in which you might need little bit knowledge of physics to perform the various task by building a simple structure with the use of the finger.

It will increase your creativity and mental skill. So what are you waiting for just download this Offline Android Game and start playing !!!!

11. Hill Climb Racing 2

Best Offline Games

Hill climb was the first part of this Offline Game. This game come with new and exciting costumes and arcade to drive.

They add backflips in this game so you can control your vehicle and do not fall this is just entertaining and timepass offline game in what you can enjoy riding no matter wherever you are.

12. Plants Vs Zombies 2

This game is well known because many people played the plant vs zombie on Pcs before it came to the mobile platform.

This Offline Game is arcade game in that plants have to repeal the attack by zombies to your home before they come to your house and eat your brains. 

In this game, the plants can launch watermelon or missiles to the zombies.
This Offline Game is free in the app store with so much fun in it.

13. Minecraft Pocket Edition

The game is Developed by Mojang, It is a true adventure Offline Game that allows you to put your creativity.

In this game, you can use blocky cubes to create bridge, clouds or building using the many materials available like dirt, stone, brick or sand to create your own virtual world.

There are several modes in this game which includes survival mode in that each block is hand cut and collected in the open world. So you have to be prepared when the sun goes down and bad guys come for you in this Offline Game.

14. Flip Diving

These Offline Games reach much popularity of cliff diving in mobiles. In this game, you can pull backflips, front flips and also select your own desired divers.

This No Wifi Game Contain so many diving tricks, death flying locations, and many characters.

This game does not require internet connectivity and even you can make your best diving records and can share with your friends.

15. Still Here (Unreleased)

There are 2D fighter Offline Games available still. In this game, there is a beautiful world with lots of secrets that you have to discover. It is 2 character game with 8 lovely location.

There are also challenging quests available where you need to discover mysteries. I can only say that this is a great game.

16. Ridge Racer Slipstream

Racing.! Sounds good?
Do you like racing?

This game is for racing in what you experience you will definitely experience next level racing. In this Offline Game, you can choose your car from twelve different cars.

You can make your dream car with 300 customization option and up-gradation. This is Offline Game but the best thing is that you can play this game in multiplayer mode with your friends.

17. NOVA Legacy

Many of you people have heard about Gameloft. This is a big online and Offline Game making company.

There was an original game that was remastered and named N.O.V.A. Legacy that you can play. This game support single player mode and multiplayer mode. Just try once it’s fun.

18. Deer Hunter 2017

This Offline Game is the most popular shooting game. The basic gameplay is you have to hunt wild animals from all around the worlds.

In this game improve your shooting skill and become the master to take down predators. The company who created Deer Hunter 2014, they create this too.

19. Horse Adventure: Tale Of  Etria

This Offline Game contains adventure in the name so definitely, it’s adventure based game that you should try.

The gameplay is you have to train your horse and ride freely in the magical world for epic adventure.

The main goal of the game is to become the best horse rider to solve the magical mysteries.

20. King Of Dirt

This game is action based game. In this Offline Game, you have the scooter and you perform different stunts. This is a fully timepass offline game for a free time.

This game is the choice of bike enthusiastic who can try 10 dirt trials with six amazing bikes and one scooter. There are some epic challenges available to in this game.

21. Island Delta

This is another awesome action based adventure Offline Game. In this, You will have anti-gravity power weapon for defeating your enemies. You can use this power also for overcoming traps and solving puzzles.

You can explore the world with Zoe, Heroes, and Baxter. It will give you complete rescue mission and you will definitely face Doctor Gunderson and his minions. So give it a shot.

22. Asphalt Nitro

This game is the latest version of asphalt. In this android game, you can see a true combination of quality graphics, awesome car running at awesome speed.

In the new version, It combines aircraft carrier, new cars, and awesome arcade levels.

The game runs smoothly on good devices. The gameplay is to win the race against opponents and by winning cash price you can upgrade your cars or you can purchase new cars.

In this Offline Game, there is the in-app purchase but this game is one of a kind that you must try

These were the Best No Wifi Games For Android...
Now...lets see best offline games for iPhone ...

Best Offline Games For iPhone 2018:

23. Unblock Me

This game is a totally offline game that you can play it whenever you want. It will kill your boredom anywhere you are.

The gameplay of this No Wifi Game is a totally puzzled base.In this game, you will have to solve puzzles by move wooden block up, down, left, right.

24. Flow Free

This game is another puzzle based Offline Game. This game is like Unblock me but I must say once you started playing this game you will be addicted to it.

In this No Wifi Game you will have to connect same dot colors in the square grid. This game has difficulty levels but I must say that start play this game for relaxation.

25. Riptide GP Renegade

This Offline Game is the one of the popular Best No Wifi Game for iPhone users that you don’t miss I must say :-)

This Offline Game is available on app store and even on play store for Android devices too. This game is not totally free to play. You have to buy this game and its only drawback.

Once you buy it and start playing it, I bet this will be your best car racing game with amazing graphics and sound quality on iPhone.

26. Badland

A 2D runner offline game in which there is a beautiful forest with different residents. In this game something wrong with the forest and you, and you have to find out.

Also, you have to overcome a numerous number of imaginative traps and obstacles. In this game, there are stunning physics-based gameplay, good quality graphics, and great audio effects to optimize your gameplay.

The game is multiplayer and maximum four players can play this game on the same device and it also allows you to beat the competition by knocking your rivals off spinning saws.

You have to work together to beat a different level and you can also create Your own level. There are really no limits or rules to this game; So it is one of best offline games.

27. Limbo

This Offline Game have amazing adventures. The story of the game is brother finding the missing sister in the mysterious world.

During this game, he finds out that place is not only mysterious, it’s dangerous and scary as well.

This game cost around 5$ but for those who love adventure game should play it once.

28. PinOut

People of all ages can play this Offline Game that's why this is the one of the best iPhone game. This game is very easy to play as well as interesting too.

To advancing the next level in this game you need motor skills.
This No Wifi Game is free but I must say that try paid premium version of the game cost only 1.99$. If you like PinBall then you will like this game too.

29. Gangstar Vegas

This is the one of the most popular game in smartphones. This game is like grand theft auto series game. The Main goal is to become a top gangster in Las Vegas in this Offline Game.

This game is totally free and worldwide millions of people playing it on regularly. So You to start it now.

30. Smash Bandits

This is another car racing game for ios and Android devices.the gameplay is amazing with more than 100 challenges. This Offline Game have very easy controls.

In this game, you have to chase the police cars and smash them.
“The more you smash, You will earn more bucks” :-)

31. Nubs’ Adventure

This Offline game is the adventure game. In this game, Evil Reds destroys Nubs House and we have to help him rebuild it.

You have to explore four different worlds and solve the puzzle to get diamonds to help to rebuild.

Must try and save his house :-)

32. Polyforge

If you are looking for free Offline Game with arcade, then you should give a shot this No Wifi Game Polyforge. This game is unique because it strikes on all side and forges a new shape.

The graphics of this game are amazing and also avoid striking the same side twice. This game was developed by Impact Blue Studios Pvt Ltd.

33. Into The Dead

This Offline Game is the First person running game. the zombies attack everyone in this game and you are the last survivor who must escape.

In this No Wifi Game the longer You will run, You will achieve more point. Points will help you to upgrade your weapon to fight with zombies.

34. N.O.V.A. 3

N.O.V.A. 3 is developed by Gameloft and it is a very popular game I must say that.

If you like HALO Game then you will like this Offline Game too.

If you like shooting game then you must try this game. It will bring too much fun because of the great sound quality and awesome graphics.

35. Flippy bottle Extreme

This is another interesting action based game. In this Offline Game, you need to flip the bottle perfectly on a platform. This No Wifi Game developed by Most Played Games.

The game is very difficult and while you playing it, you will enjoy it like realistic bottle flipping. So don’t wait and Download now 😊

36. Modern Combat 5

This game series is one of the best first-person shooting game series on Android devices. This game developed by well-known Game developing company Gameloft.

This is Offline games and played by so many users worldwide. If your Smartphone supports high graphics then try this game as soon as possible.

Not all of this series are Offline Games but Modern Combat 5 is totally Offline.
So personally recommend you that play it today 😊

37. Dan The Man

This game is an arcade game with 12 different stories level. In this Offline Game, you might found that levels are small but believe me when you start playing a game you will agree that levels are big.
This No Wifi Game is a solid action-based game and the gameplay is you have to uncover the secrets by playing these dozen levels. At the end, the bonus will be unlocked for you in this game as well.

38. Table Top Racing

There are so many Offline Games available for racing on iPhone.

Table Top Racing is one of them that use No Wifi or internet.

This game will not make you disappointed if you try it once. Even I must say that you will start liking this game with the great sound quality and graphics.

39. Robots 3D

This Offline Game developed by FourPointFive.

This game is a first-person shooting game. You can use different tactics and weapons to get top in leaderboards in this game.

In this Offline Game player has customized controls and controller gamepads support as well.

40. Skate Lines

This Game is another action based game developed by Agent AS. This Offline Game has intuitive controls and simple gameplay for performing various tricks.

Not Only you can do that but you can also record your favourite line and tricks with others. This game is very cool to play. So download it now. it’s No Wifi Game.

41. Hyperburner

This Offline Game is a racing game that you can play on iPhone, The controls of this game are very smooth and visuals are awesome.

The game is very interesting because of instant respawns and the gameplay make is very fast that make it more interesting.

This Offline Game is run like heaven in devices that have 2 GB RAM and above.

42. Hop

This No Wifi Game is the free arcade game that you can play without worrying about your internet.

Simply this game is very addictive which is touch screen has right and left side controller tile to tile.

You can beat your friends’ record in this game.

43. Beat Racer

This Offline Game developed by LILA SOFT base on music genre.

If someone asks about Best Offline Game with stunning graphics and easy controls, here you are. In this game what you need to do is collect your beats through driving your car sideways.

Your main objective in this Offline Game is to jump to avoid obstacles and finish it before your enemies and complete all stage to complete music.
You can upgrade your car with gems and coins.

44. Cover Fire

Genera game developed this action based Offline Game. In this game what you have to do is make a strategy to defeat your enemies. You also need to level up your soldiers by killing arsenal’s weapon.

You will get new shooting experience with modern control and HD graphics in this No Wifi Game.

In the story mode of this game, you can upgrade the abilities and skills of your band member and can make them stronger.

45. Turbo League

If you ever played Rocket league then you will definitely like this game as well. Zero Four Games Developed this Offline Game with the combination of action and racing.

You can drive your car fast as much as you can with the rocket engine and you have to hit the ball in the goal. You can play it online too with multiplayer but in Offline Game mode you don’t need internet of wifi.

46. Gatecrasher

This Offline Game is the one of the best role-playing RPG game for smartphones. This game has good graphics.

In this game, you can have various characters and every character has different abilities and superpowers.

Just give a shot to this game and you will love it.

So these were the top best iPhone offline games... I hope you found it interesting...!

Now lets see best offline games for PC ...

Best No Wifi Games for PC:

47. Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

You guys want me to tell you about this game?

Most of the people already knew it. This is our favourite game of childhood I must add that. How many of you playing this one of the Best Offline Game in PC?

Ok, so this game is the very popular game in gaming industries. I bet there are 
millions of people across the world are a fan of GTA series.

GTA is the only game that combines racing, missions, weapons, fight, shopping, or I can say everything that makes addiction to the player.

If having on your PC it's good😊 but if you still not played I personally recommend you download it now 😉

48. Need For Speed

Once again all time favourite games making company for players who like car racing. This is the most popular Offline Car Racing Game on PC. There are more than 60 racing cars from top manufacturers.

In this Offline game, you can select your car and even customize and upgrade them. You can challenge your friend in multiplayer mode.

The best version of Need For Speed Offline Games are:
1.     Need For Speed: Most Wanted
2.     Need For Speed: Carbon

Go Players Download it today.

49. ShadowGun

This Offline Game is the Shooting game. If you love shooting then install it on your pc today. This game has awesome graphics with wide range of weapons.

The sound quality of this game is also awesome.

This Offline Game is action packed free and in this game, as you progress, you can upgrade your weapon.

So shooting lovers what are you waiting for?

Download this No Wifi Game Now.

50. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Trial Edition

Do you like football? Do you like competition?

This offline game for the pc version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 allows you to live out all of the nail-biting moments of operating a football club.

In this offline game, you can play the online myClub mode, kick around with the exhibition matches, and improve your skills with the training mode.

It is limited than the full product, but it's still a solid way to get a taste of what modern PES looks like.

Over To You:

So these were the best Offline Games you must download/play today.

I hope you loved reading this article :)

Which are your best Offline Games from the above list? Do let me know in the comments below.

Do you want to add any new/more Best Offline Games/ No Wifi Games in the above list? Do let me in the comments below.

Let’s make this post the world’s best Offline Games. So one can find and play Offline Games very easily :)

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